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‘The previous government had this report’: Alberto Otarola denied that the executive branch knew about the 2023 rain report.

Regarding the warning about the possibility of El Niño Costero, Alberto Otarola advised to remain calm and stated that there is a commission of experts that meets every 15 days to assess the climate situation. | Fountain: PTR

Council of Ministers President Alberto Otarola dismissed the allegation that the government ignored a report from Peru’s National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (senamhi), on a probabilistic rain scenario for this year 2023, and blamed the leadership of former President Pedro Castillo for this.

“Previous Government I had this report, and yesterday the specialists senamhi. What has risen is the level of danger, which determines that the rains will continue until May, ”he told the press.

Before launching the civil crusade “From Punche Solidario: let’s act together”, Alberto Otarola He stressed that the government of Dina Boluarte was working on various measures in the face of natural disasters.

“What happened before December 7, 2022, in fact, represents a situation in which there was not enough vigilance and decisions that were taken in all sectors … we took various measures, including the reorganization of the Reconstruction with changes. , activation of all civil defense warnings and, above all, empowerment of those in the know, scientists and specialized organizations,” he said.

according to the newspaper Republicthe government of Pedro Castillo had a report titled “Probable Scenario for Summer Rainfall 2023” and took no action in the face of possible natural events.

Regarding the warning about the possibility of an El Niño Costero phenomenon, Alberto Otarola He advised to remain calm and said that an expert commission meets every 15 days to assess the climate situation.

“The level of danger is for a weak El Niño, there is no need to cause particular concern among the population either. We will monitor it every 15 days, this commission will meet with the PCM,” he said.

Project and figures

At the event, the President Dina Boluarte He announced that he would soon send a bill to Congress to create the Office of the National Infrastructure Commission. This, he said, will ensure the implementation of landmark works and will be responsible for monitoring the basins to prevent landslides and floods.

In her speech, the President referred to statistics from Indeci and the National Emergency Operations Center regarding damage caused by rain and floods between January 1 and March 14.

Dina Boluarte He said there were 8,000 casualties, 50,000 injured, 50 dead and 48 injured. During this period, a thousand houses were also registered as destroyed and another 1,800 in an uninhabitable condition.

In addition, 640 kilometers of highways and 300 kilometers of irrigation canals are affected. In addition, according to him, 111 bridges were destroyed and 48 kilometers of water supply networks were damaged.

In addition, 11,000 hectares of crops have been destroyed and 28,000 animals have been lost. Also, 55 school classes and four medical institutions were destroyed, the head of state said.


“Espacio Vital”: Dr. Cesar Munaiko – Director General of the National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Diseases (CDC) Minsy reported that so far 91 people have died from different regions as a result of traffic accidents, electric shocks, and from -caused by collapsed roofs, walls, and also due to river landslides.

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