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Political scientist Luis Nunez on Dean Boluart: “She has to run this ship until the last moment”

Dina Boluarte, President of the Republic. | Font: Andean

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Political scientist Luis Fernando Nunez, former director Carter Centeranalyzed the crisis that Peru is experiencing after several weeks of protests against the government of Dina Boluarte.

The specialist considered that the Peruvian electoral system does not allow early election and you couldn’t do political reform at that time.

“What political scientist, we have the most complicated electoral system in the world in our country. There is no other three-agency electoral system: one that sets the registry, another that sets the logistics, and a third that sets the jurisdiction. This means that it is very difficult to make a choice,” he said.

“Unfortunately, constitutional reforms cannot be carried out in eight months, some small reforms can be carried out to facilitate the elections,” he added. RPP Extension News.

Boluart’s message

Fernando Nunez said that head of state he wants to leave the mandate, but does not leave, because he does not know in whose hands the presidency of the country will remain.

“For several days, I saw the president become a little desperate, as if asking: “When will they let me go home?” And her message yesterday made me feel that way again. Congress one or two bills push a little for this to be resolved,” he said.

“I assume that he does not know in whose hands he is going to leave the ship. There are people who say he is the president Congress but not this President of Congress, but to find someone other than Mr. Williams. It will be difficult because Congress is discredited. Nobody trusts anyone,” he added.

“She must control this ship until the last moment, because, according to the constitution, this is what gave her Magna Carta”, – said the political scientist.

Source: RPP

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