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Ombudsman’s Office: One dead, 34 injured and 19 detainees left the mobilization on Saturday in Lima

According to the Office of the Ombudsman, several participants are participating in the social protest that began in December last year | Font: EFE | Photographer: Antonio Melgarejo

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A new day of protests took place yesterday, on Saturday, in full Lima Historic Centerwhere clashes between protesters and police lasted for about two hours. In addition, as a result of these episodes of violence, a dead citizen was registered.

O, Luis Alvaradorepresentative of the Office for the Prevention of Social Conflicts of the Commissioner for Human Rights, in dialogue with RPP Newsindicated the numbers of detainees and victims between civilians and the police after the tragic events of last night.

“Yesterday in Lima, according to information gathered Ombudsman there are 13 injured civilians, 21 injured police officers, one dead and 19 people arrested on suspicion of committing riots,” he said.

Besides, Alvarado pointed out that yesterday in Lima there was a high intensity of acts of vandalism.

“We also saw higher levels of violence in demonstrations yesterday. The videos that appeared in the media presented the situation, center of Lima. The situation is very serious,” he said.

“Yesterday was the day of the greatest social upheaval in center of Lima (…) We believe that this situation cannot continue. On the one hand, because there is a huge risk to life, the inviolability of people; but also for the thousands of citizens who have been affected as they are unable to move freely through the center of Lima and nationally due to the road blockade,” he added.

In this sense, the representative Ombudsman He indicated that his office considers it “urgent” that the parliament “decide on holding elections as soon as possible.”

“We hope that this measure may have some impact on the number of people who took to the protests and on the level of violence. We are in a crisis situation, and there can be no delays and ambiguities in a political solution, because otherwise, there is a very high risk that the violence will continue to increase,” he said.

“Multiple actors are involved in the conflict”

Secondly, Alvarado He explained that his agency had identified several participants in a civil protest taking place in different regions of the country. Some of them, he said, operate outside the law.

“On the one hand, there are those who believe that they have questions about Congress and Executive; those who support former President Castillo; people from the illegal economy; those who, in the opinion of the police, belong to terrorist organizations; and, on the other hand, those who engage in ordinary crimes and use the situation to commit criminal acts,” he said.

For this reason, Luis Alvarado pointed out that Ombudsman He demanded that the state ministry define the criminal “responsibility” of those who, taking advantage of the crisis, commit illegal acts.

“The Ombudsman will continue to monitor the marches in Lima and at the national level. We will also carry out humanitarian work both in hospitals and in police stations to ensure that the wounded are properly cared for and that the rights of detainees are respected,” he said. emphasized.

Source: RPP

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