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Ex-BBB Hariany eats raw egg: Nutritionist answers if habit is valid or not

Nutritionist Dani Borges answers the question and lists the health benefits of egg whites

The ex-BBB Hariany Almeida is with a thousand preparations to parade at Carnival 2022 by Imperatriz Leopoldinense and recently revealed that he has been betting on an eccentric diet to keep his body in recent times: eating raw egg when fasting.

to the portal Who, she explained why and said she has been feeling good about the strategy. “Many vitamins are present in the egg, it has done me good”said the influencer, adding that she is giving herself fully to the event: “Body and soul”.

But is the strategy really efficient or does it pose health risks? We talked to nutritionist and physical educator Dani Borges, who explained everything about the subject.

Ex-BBB Hariany eats raw egg: Nutritionist answers if habit is valid or not

For starters, the specialist assured that, for health reasons, raw eggs are not an interesting option.

“Raw eggs have a great risk of contamination by Salmonella, which is a bacterium, and this is a risk that anyone has, so it’s not just pregnant women who can’t eat raw eggs. This information is valid for anyone. a factor that we need to keep an eye on”.

But yes, as the former BBB pointed out and Dani Borges confirms, egg whites, when cookedit really is a source of very beneficial vitamins and minerals for the body, such as selenium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B2, riboflavin, B5 (pantothenic acid, which is great for hair, skin and nails), choline, betaine and even folate ( B9), “That’s why it’s good even for pregnant women”guarantees, but reinforces: “It doesn’t mean that raw is better, on the contrary, raw brings more health risks. These are the main vitamins that we find in egg whites and that stay in them when cooked as well”.

health benefits

“One of the greatest benefits of egg white is albumin, which is a protein of high biological value and a protein of slow absorption. Up to 8 hours after ingestion, your body receives this protein in the bloodstream, so for people who spend a lot time without eating is a nice option. Or at night, at bedtime, for people who are trying to gain mass, it’s an excellent source of protein when cooked.”explains Dani Borges.


In addition to the risk of salmonella, other risks also contribute to the decision not to indicate the consumption of raw food in the feeding routine.

“It won’t make any difference, in fact, it won’t have any more benefits, if you consume raw egg whites, on the contrary, you will still put your health at risk, due to the risk of salmonella. It causes several intestinal infections and aggravates not only the intestinal flora, but it is capable of causing several health problems in human beings. Apart from the risk of cross-contamination from other bacteria, because it is difficult to know how long the egg has been exposed to excessive heat in the market, outside the refrigerator, hardly we know where he came from… So it’s not at all advisable for health”reinforces nutritionist Dani Borges.

The only interesting option for raw consumption is the Pasteurized egg whites made in a sous vide machine.

“But, reinforcing, egg white is a protein with very little fat and carbohydrates, so of the proteins it is one of the cleanest (clean protein, with almost no fat and carbohydrates) and has little calories, being great for those who want to dry and define the body”ends.

About Dani Borges

Dani Borges is 30 years old and is a Fitness WBFF PRO athlete, nutritionist, model, health coach and physical educator. As a digital influencer, she has more than 400,000 followers and posts tips on motivation, healthy eating, recipes and workouts.

Her passion for fitness emerged in her adolescence after having an obesity condition that motivated her to seek a radical change in habits. Dani started working as a fitness model and competitor in 2010, participating in the following years in fitness competitions in the United States and also photographing for brands linked to the segment, especially in Orlando and Miami, becoming one of the best known faces of the Brazilian public. and international, which consumes bodybuilding publications and magazines.

As a nutritionist, Dani Borges works in her office and online through digital platforms.

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