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Chinese horoscope. What to expect in the year of the Black Water Rabbit

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The last year of the Black Water Rabbit was in 1963 and the next time will be in 60 years – in 2082.

According to the Eastern calendar, the coming year 2023 will be held under the auspices of the Black Water Rabbit. It will start its countdown on January 22, 2023 and will last until February 9, 2024.

Most astrologers believe that 2023 promises to be stable and calm, but it will also have serious opportunities for important decisions.

Forecast for 2023 for Eastern calendar signs


Those born in the year of the Rat will realize your creativity. This year will be the most fortunate. Perhaps, a new hobby can become a lifelong thing.


Do not be afraid to contact people, because in the coming year, Bulls will be successful, both in business relationships and in everyday life. At the same time, in the year of the Black Water Rabbit, you will be able to travel more.


Those born in the year of the Tiger can count on both success and crushing failure. Hence, the Tigers will have to be patient and wait for surprises in the coming year.


For Rabbits, 2023 will be a year of real luck, so you can safely undertake new endeavors.

The dragon

2022 will be an emotionally difficult year for Dragons, but 2023 will be a time to dedicate yourself.


Snakes in 2023 must work hard, because the work they do next year can change lives.


Horses in 2023 are waiting for new acquaintances who will give strength and meaning. So in the year of the Black Water Rabbit, you can love and be loved.


Goats in the coming year should not neglect their health, because poor health can lead to many problems.


Those born in the year of the Monkey can climb the career ladder. In 2023, they will easily realize themselves and receive the desired reward.


In 2023, Roosters should be careful with spending, because at the end of the year you may find yourself in a rather difficult financial situation.


The year 2023 should be devoted to dogs for things that there is always not enough time for. In addition, this year will be favorable to change the place of residence.


Pigs in 2023 should enjoy life to the maximum, because the year will be smooth and without problems.

It was previously reported that the year of the Water Tiger will require regularity and prudence in business. You should avoid rash and dangerous actions, hurry.

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