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Britney Spears’ family secrets revealed

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The celebrity’s paternal grandmother committed suicide and her uncle died as an infant. At the same time my father drank a lot.

The family of the famous American singer Britney Spears has many secrets. Journalists of New York Magazine found them out.

It turned out that the father of the star grew up in terrible conditions. His mother committed suicide. Jamie Spears has three siblings aged 3, 5 and 8. At the same time, another of his siblings, Austin Wayne Spears, died at the age of three days. At the time, the family was living in Kentwood, Louisiana. The baby was buried under an oak tree in a small family cemetery.

Britney’s grandmother, Emma Jean Forbes, married June Austin Spears at the age of 16. She tried to commit suicide three times.

The singer’s grandfather served in the Air Force and first met his son, his father, when he was one year old. When Britney Spears’ father was 13 years old, her mother went to her youngest child’s grave and committed suicide. He shot himself in the head with a gun.

Later, Britney’s grandfather married a second time, but in 1970 he sent his wife Jo Ann to a psychiatric clinic, and then left completely.

Moreover, younger children later accused him of sexual abuse.

Britney Spears’ father was in a serious car accident at a young age and miraculously survived. His friend died on the spot.

Britney Spears’ mother, Lynn Bridges, also grew up in Kentwood. His mother is English and met his father when he served in London during World War II.

Britney’s grandmother is frustrated with Louisiana and keeps crying.

When Lynn was 20 years old, a tractor fell on her brother. On the way to the hospital, he himself bumped into a teenager.

The star’s father retired from sports, having broken his leg, he survived by odd jobs and drinking. He also cheated on his wife. Lynn even filed for divorce, but her application was later withdrawn.

Because of this, Britney convinced her mother to divorce her father and bought her a house in Los Angeles. He sent his father to a rehabilitation center.

The crisis came in 2007 when Britney got together with a man named Sam Lufti. Friends of the singer said he was hooked on drugs. Because of this, the singer lost custody of the children and ended up in a clinic with a nervous breakdown.

“Something violent has to happen for Sam to lose control and for Jamie to take control of his daughter. He talked before about how he couldn’t believe she was named after his grandmother, who killed herself. Now we’re worried that the same will happen to him,” said the star’s mother.

We remind you, Spears and her husband with Iranian roots, Sam Asgari, previously supported protests in Iran for women’s rights.

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