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Taras Topolya spoke about the terrible situations on the front line

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The performer admitted that the terrible moment was when a dead colleague was nearby and could not help him.

Ukrainian singer Taras Topolya, who served as a paramedic in the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the first days of the war, spoke about the most terrible situations at the front. He said this in the STB interview.

According to the artist, during the five months of the war, one of the moments was when he, together with the battalion, came under enemy fire.

“There are situations where, really, everything is on the brink. But the worst psychological thing is when a dead brother is nearby, and you can’t help him, but you have to evacuate the body and move it to the morgue . Our task now is to help these families, the husbands left unmarried, raise their children, put them on their feet and educate them,” he said.

The second moment, according to the frontman of the group Antibody, was when, on his birthday, he had to unlock the phone of a dead colleague with his finger.

“It just so happened that on my birthday we were on combat duty, we were wounded and killed. It ended up in the birthday video,” shared Taras Topolya.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian singer explained why he published a video from the front line on social networks.

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