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Holidays June 11, 2024: name days, signs

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Today, June 11, is World Animal Remembrance Day. There are 203 days before the New Year.

June 11 is the 162nd day of the year (163rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 203 days left before the end of the year.

What holidays are there in Ukraine and in the world?

  • World Animal Remembrance Day.

  • World Prostate Cancer Day.


What happened on June 11

  • 1125 – The Crusaders defeat the Seljuks at the Battle of Azaz.

  • 1488 – Scottish rebels capture and kill King James III of Scotland.

  • 1496 – Christopher Columbus completes his second voyage.

  • 1580 – Spanish conquistadors found Buenos Aires.

  • 1742 – American Benjamin Franklin invented the stove.

  • 1770 – James Cook discovers the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

  • 1776 – The Continental Congress created a committee to write the American Declaration of Independence.

  • 1889 – John Purdy and James Sadgwar of Washington invented the folding chair.

  • 1930 – American zoologist William Beebe and engineer Otis Burton descend 400 meters underwater in the bathysphere they built.

  • 1943 – Uruguay became the first country to recognize the French government of Charles de Gaulle.

  • 1951 – Portugal declares Mozambique its province.

  • 1965 – Queen Elizabeth II awarded the Beatles the Order of the British Empire.

  • 1973 – The Arab Republic of Libya announced the nationalization of American oil companies.

  • 1992 – the first congress of young politicians of Ukraine began in Kyiv.

  • 2002 – Paul McCartney marries Geezer Mills.

Who was born on June 11

  • 1970 – Anzhelika Rudnitskaya, Ukrainian TV presenter, journalist, singer, actress, public figure, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

  • 1985 – Inna Tsymbalyuk, Ukrainian fashion model, TV presenter, film actress.

  • 2000 – Alexander Sirota, Ukrainian football player, player of Dynamo football club (Kyiv) and the Ukrainian national team.

Whose birthday is today?: Bartholomew, Ephraim, Mary.

Folk signs and traditions for June 11

  • The night of June 11 was warm – for a hot summer.

  • Cloudy in the morning – rain until lunch.

  • Hearing thunder on this day means good fishing.

  • In the morning, the fog spreads over the water – there will be a lot of mushrooms in the forest.


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