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A Ukrainian blogger was attacked in the center of Lvov

Photo: instagram.com/nicolas_karma_official

Nicholas Karma became a victim of bullies. Unknown men insulted him and used gas spray.

In the center of Lviv, the famous Ukrainian blogger Nicholas Karma found himself in an unpleasant situation – he was attacked by hooligans. He wrote it on Instagram.

It was learned that the incident happened while the TikToker was shooting his videos. Meanwhile, two young men started acting aggressively and shouted unpleasant things at him.

Nicholas Karma did not allow any offense. The blogger approached the youth to explain to them that such behavior is not normal. He finally finished with the pepper spray on his face.

“I was walking on Rynok Square, filmed a video, as before, and heard unpleasant exclamations following me, I will not repeat what they said, but it was aggressive, unacceptable language , there are many people, children nearby, not because they might not like me, it’s not a nice way to express it,” he said.

Nicholas Carmi had to call an ambulance. The TikToker said that the doctors gave him first aid, and now he is feeling better. The blogger has filed a police report, and law enforcement officials have identified the attackers.

“Yesterday, when this happened, I saw that people are ready to stand up for each other in such situations. It is the main thing not to live according to the principle “My house is on the edge.” honor and dignity of even strangers, unfortunately, without the cattle, but I am not angry, because there are still enough and honest people.

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Posted by Nicholas Karma (@nicolas_karma_official)

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