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Holidays May 8, 2024: name days, traditions

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Today, May 8, is the Day of Remembrance and Victory over Nazism in World War II. There are 237 days until the New Year.

May 8 is the 128th day of the year (129th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 237 days left before the end of the year.

What holidays are there in Ukraine and in the world?
  • Days of remembrance and reconciliation dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Second World War.

  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.

  • Day of remembrance and victory over Nazism in the Second World War 1939-1945.

  • International Donkey Day.

What events happened in Ukraine and in the world
  • 1541 – Spanish conquistador and explorer Hernando de Soto discovered the Mississippi River, which he named the River of the Holy Spirit.

  • 1660 – Charles II is declared King of England, thus marking the end of the 11-year civil war.

  • 1794 – The 51-year-old French chemist Antoine Laurent Lausier was executed by guillotine, whose full guilt before the “revolutionary people” was that he worked at the General Tax Estate, an institution that collected taxes .

  • 1847 – Scottish inventor from Stonehaven Robert Thomson (1822-1873) received a patent for a rubber inner tube for tires.

  • 1886 – Dr. John Pemberton from Atlanta first sold his medicinal elixir, now it is sold worldwide under the name Coca-Cola.

  • 1900 – Andrey (Sheptytsky) became Metropolitan of Lvov.

  • 1926 – the first flight to the North Pole takes place.

  • 1933 – Mahatma Gandhi begins a hunger strike against British rule in India.

  • 1947 – France withdraws from the International Monetary Fund.

  • 1951 – Ivan Drach published his first poem.

  • 1953 – the first French tiltrotor Sud-West SO 1310 Farfade made its first flight as a helicopter.

  • 1962 – the last trolleybuses stop running in London.

  • 1994 – Azerbaijan joins the Karabakh ceasefire agreement.

Born on May 8, 2024
  • 1917 – Head of Daniil, Ukrainian stage designer, teacher.

  • 1952 – Oleg Mikhailichenko, Ukrainian teacher, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.

  • 1962 – Oles Ulyanenko, Ukrainian writer, winner of the small Shevchenko Prize in 1997.

  • 1975 – Enrique Iglesias, Spanish singer.

What is today’s name day?: Arseny, Ivan, Stanislav.
Folk signs and traditions for May 8
  • Rain means a big harvest of mushrooms.

  • A month in the haze – the weather will worsen.

  • The bird cherry is in full bloom – there will be a wet summer.

  • Clouds crowd into a heap – bad weather.

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