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ADIDAS has launched a line of SUPERNOVA sneakers, designed for maximum comfort for runners

ADIDAS has launched a line of SUPERNOVA sneakers, designed for maximum comfort for runners

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The list of the biggest problems for runners has expanded with new global findings, and adidas wants people to enjoy their runs comfortably by launching a line of SUPERNOVA running shoes.

● Ukrainian athletes took part in the local campaign, including karateka Anzhelika Terlyuga and football player Oleksandr Timchik.
● The line of sneakers includes the popular model SUPERNOVA RISE, as well as a new model that can be added on top: SUPERNOVA STRIDE.
● All models are released in new colors, which will be available worldwide online and in the company’s stores starting in 2024.

Lutius, 2024 – adidas presents an updated color scheme for the new SUPERNOVA line in fresh colors inspired by the joy of running. In general, the collection includes women’s jackets and men’s jackets, T-shirts, shorts, caps and scarves.

The SUPERNOVA franchise includes the popular model SUPERNOVA RISE sneakers, as well as a new model that can be improved: SUPERNOVA STRIDE. In both models, the adidas super-pin – Dreamstrike + – has been reproduced. The shoe is built based on LIGHTSTRIKE PRO foam, similar to the record-breaking Adizero model, and has an updated formula to ensure outstanding comfort and shock absorption.

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Along with the Dreamstrike+, these models feature:


PIDOSHVA: The Rise leather outsole is equipped with a foam system that provides neutral support from heel to toe for ultra-smooth rides that help you run effortlessly.
COMFORTABLE FOOT FITTING: The addition of soft, supportive foam and delicate fabrics around the foot work together to give the foot maximum comfort and support.


EVA outsole: Forefoot cushioning is enhanced with an EVA midsole to provide dynamism and support for runners.
ADIWEAR OUTSOLE sole: Innovative outsole with soft rubber ensures good grip on the surface. This model is specially divided into sections to ensure maximum integration where it is most needed.

All models are expected to redefine comfort standards and are designed to meet the needs of manual daily running. Obviously, it’s very important to pack a bag and run.

Ukrainian karateka Anzhelika Terlyuga and football player Oleksandr Tymchik took part in the local campaign.

A new global study by adidas1, which included 2,674 runners from 11 locations around the world, showed that wearing a hand-me-down tops the list of the biggest problems people face in reducing their enjoyment of running. running (47%). Among other problems are too special (45%) or cold (43%), lack of motivation (38%), as well as uneven or slippery roads (37%).

Just under a quarter (23%) of those tested chose not to go through with their discomfort, and the biggest reason for this was nausea. A word of advice for these runners who don’t give up, adding discomfort during the run is significant. 37% cut back on their runs, a third (29%) said it affected their mood, and the remainder (33%) considered changing their running route.

As an antidote to major running problems, research has also revealed the formula for the most “comfortable running”. Despite this, runners from all over the world have identified the ideal conditions for jogging: a cool run at a temperature of 19.8 degrees, with a light breeze. Of all the food places, joggers in Seoul give priority to jogging at night.

The price of SUPERNOVA RISE is 6,499 hryvnia, and SUPERNOVA STRIDE is 4,999 hryvnia. The collection is available in official adidas stores and on the adidas website.

Source: korrespondent

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