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EITA! Leidy suggests that Davi receives privileged information from the production

Leidy accused Davi of receiving privileged information about the production of BBB 24 after his brother gave up on giving up the program

EITA! Leidy didn’t like his attitude at all David at the BBB 24.

It all started when the brother said he was going to quit the program. Davi said that she was not feeling well about the comments made about him on the reality show and, therefore, would leave the most watched house in the country.

Then, the brother went to the confessional and, upon leaving the place, he had given up on giving up the program. Davi chose to continue competing for the prize offered by the Globo attraction.

Leidy didn’t like the way things happened and stated that he believes Davi is the favorite to win the program. The sister suggested that Davi is receiving privileged information from the production.

“I think he’s the favorite out there. I have some theories in my head. He changes microphones a lot, old man”, said in conversation with Vanessa It is Yasmin.

“That’s a crazy theory that doesn’t even make sense”said Yasmin.

“But I also keep thinking, friend. I keep thinking about other things I see here. But I can’t talk. If I say that, I’ll get fucked up”, Vanessa commented.

“There’s no way. I already accepted. Everything is alright. If you go, go. If it’s gone, it’s gone. If it’s for consistency, fairness, what’s right, you know who’s out. That’s what we have to trust, things are fair”he said.

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