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New level of driving: The Mazda CX-60 provides a unique sensation

True Mazda fans will rejoice: finally the brand has a crossover that challenges the norm!

Mazda CX-60 is no longer a beautiful and modern Mazda – it is, without exaggeration, very beautiful!

In addition, its beauty has an extraordinary functional content, because the CX-60 is the first Mazda crossover, the design foundation of which was laid… by the engineers.

They outlined the plot, and the designers have already decorated it. The appearance has become not only stylish, but quite promising, because a characteristic profile that distinguishes the CX-60 from other crossovers of the brand – with a long hood and a small front overhang – is in itself is a classic sign of premiumness. That is, the latest Mazda CX-60 is a game in a segment where the requirements are quite high, and the stakes are even higher.

did they play Watch our video, where we have discussed in detail about the most important things.

And we return to the text version – for those who are still more comfortable reading out of habit, and continue to examine the unusual profile of the Mazda CX-60. It shows not only an important sign of the premium segment, but also a hint of the classic, that is, rear-wheel drive. Don’t worry, all CX-60s in Ukraine are all-wheel drive – not just the Mazda all-wheel drive you’re used to.

The fact is that the engine here is located along, and not across, the body. And many things follow from this. First, we have rear-wheel drive with the addition of front-wheel drive, and not vice versa. And secondly, there is a completely different weight distribution here, because the engine and gearbox have significantly shifted towards the wheelbase, compared to standard Mazda crossovers.

The engine in the test CX-60 was large, petrol, 3.3 litres. Note that this is when some premium competitors are usually content with two liters, and sometimes even less. The development of such a giant in our time, when reduction rules everything, is a very bold, if not desperate, step.

Perhaps, this can be considered another clear hint, because such an outstanding amount is undoubtedly a premium business card. As is customary in the premium segment, the engine has six cylinders, although they are not arranged in a V-shape.

Arranging the cylinders in a row has its advantages. The main thing is the culture of the machine, its level of balance. Here the pistons move as a pair to their “reflections” on the other side of the engine. First, the extremes work, that is, the first and sixth, then the second and fifth, and the neighbors, the third and fourth, finish the loser. When the pistons of the first and sixth cylinders are at top dead center, the remaining pistons are equally spaced at an angle of 120 and 240 degrees in accordance with the duty cycle, so that the reciprocating movements of the pistons themselves are balance the machine.

By the way, this 3.3 is accompanied by the usual 2.5 liter engine, which, however, is not usually found: also despite, and not included, in the body. You can choose between these two engines in the starting Exclusive-Line configuration, where they are the same; in the average Premium-Line – only 2.5, and in the top Premium-Sport – only 3.3.

To choose between them, you need arguments. The only drawback of the new machine is that you have to pay extra for it somewhere around two hundred and fifty thousand hryvnias. But then the positives begin.

The top-end engine provides not only more power by almost 100 horsepower, that is, 284 hp, but also more torque and, above all, a different torque curve. In the case of 2.5, we get 261 Nm at three thousand, and at 3.3 we reach a maximum of 450 Nm at two thousand. That means, more and earlier.

It is not surprising that the 3.3-liter engine with Mild Hybrid technology accelerates to hundreds significantly faster: in 6.9 seconds instead of 9.9 in the case of 2.5 liters. Another thing is impressive: almost the same fuel consumption as the passport in the city: 10.9 l/100 km and 11 l/100 km, respectively.

Why is that? Because the larger volume of the engine is somewhat compensated by the hybrid system, which allows it to be turned off when it is not needed, while the 2.5 engine does not have an I-Stop system.

Outside the city, the 3.3 is more economical! It will have a lower rpm than the 2.5 at the same speed. That is, if on the highway 2.5 drinks about 6.8 liters per way, then 3.3 – 6.2. The difference is small, but it is there. In the combined cycle, the advantage is also on the side of 3.3 – 8 liters per way instead of 8.3. These are the exact passport details.

I don’t know if they will fit easily in real life, because it is difficult to drive quietly in this 3.3. It makes you feel this incredible acceleration again and again, to hear this amazing sound of a powerful engine!

But if you can control yourself, you will actually see the consumption of the passport – verified! However, I emphasize again: it is difficult to be gentle on the accelerator pedal.

However, you can fully trust the brake pedal, because with the 3.3-liter engine, the CX-60 gets larger front brake discs: three hundred and forty-seven millimeters instead of three hundred and twenty eight. And that will help make up for the roughly 120kg difference in curb weight between CX-60s with different engines.

But let’s take a break from this complex engineering and look inside the cabin. It did not disappoint in either form or content. Mazda’s first fully digital instruments, a solid console, the shine of chrome surfaces – the ambiance is on the level. As, in fact, the finishing materials: the plastic here looks like metal, and the artificial leather on the dashboard resembles natural leather. But the real leather appears on the seats that are in the basic Exclusive-Line configuration, starting from UAH 1,796,400 for a 2.5-liter engine and 2,052,000 for a 3.3-liter engine. Note that the Exclusive-Line already has almost everything most drivers need – from keyless entry and engine starting to heated seats and a head-up display. It’s easier to list what’s missing: front seat ventilation, surround view system (there’s a rear view camera instead), adaptive cruise control, adaptive high beam and Bose audio system.

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But all of the above, including premium Nappa leather, comes out of the average Premium-Line equipment level for UAH 2,012,400. It also benefits from Mazda’s Personalization System, a new technology that recognizes the driver’s face and customizes the seat, mirrors, steering wheel position and even the audio system!

Why the top-end Premium-Sport package for UAH 2,322,000? Let’s explain now. First, it changes some decorative nuances. The plastic lining on the body gets its color, and the exterior mirrors, on the contrary, turn black. The light chrome of the radiator grille is darkened, as are the 235/50 R20 tires. And secondly, and this is the main thing, instead of a 2.5-liter engine in the Premium-Line configuration, the Premium-Sport equipment carries the same 3.3-liter.

However, he is not the only one who surprises the Mazda CX-60 while driving. Just remember how many times in various reviews of Mazda crossovers you heard: “here is the same 6-speed automatic”… It was like this for many years, but that’s it, it’s not the same anymore!

The automatic transmission is now 8-speed, and the design is completely different. There is no torque converter and, accordingly, no mechanism for locking it – there is an electric motor and a clutch pack.

This means that there should be no chewing gum under the gas pedal. And no! But there are clear and quick changes, sometimes even harsh – the work of the dual-clutch sports robot is felt in a similar way.

However, this effect only occurs when you start pressing hard. If you’re gentle on the gas pedal, then the box is gentle on you.

There are also quite interesting suspension settings: the stiffness of the rear seems to be a little less than the front. Engineers deliberately use such differences in settings when they want to teach the car to effectively sweep its tail in turns. Yes, this Mazda can do it, although the tail moves cautiously and predictably, and only when you mean to encourage it.

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Does the Mazda CX-60 lean too much when cornering because of this suspension setup? There is a little trick here. If you exceed the speed at the entrance to a turn and try at all costs to push the crossover into it with the steering wheel, it can tilt. But if you press the accelerator, even moderately, you will allow the KPC system to work normally, dampening rolls. This is a new interesting system; Mazda crossovers didn’t exist then.

It first appeared on the Mazda MX-5 roadster in ’22. It’s something like a traction vector control system: we slow down the inside rear wheel relative to the turn, giving the outside a chance to twist the car into the turn. The load on the suspension is reduced, the body is aligned in its position.

Another way for KPC to work is to apply the brakes. The logic is clear: the driver quickly enters the turn, turns the steering wheel, the car tilts, the driver is scared, presses the brake – the body straightens a little, and maybe this driver’s panties will stay dry . But I still don’t recommend braking in a turn – it’s better to enter the turn more slowly and then exit it faster.

Well, let’s summarize. The Mazda CX-60 is definitely not perfect. Its trunk lid doesn’t rise too high—basketball players might have to tilt their heads a little. The windows in front of the door are a bit noisy. On a really bad road, something in the cabin might start singing so you don’t feel sad. And most importantly, the price for this crossover is not for children.

But there has never been a more striking Mazda crossover! There has never been a more interesting Mazda crossover to drive! It should appeal to those who love and, above all, know how to drive. If you consider yourself such a driver, well, this is a very worthy contender for your money. Visit Mazda showrooms and see for yourself!

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