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Wanessa opens up about alleged involvement with Dado Dolabella

The singer Wanessa spoke about her personal life and the rumors of being involved with Dado Dolabella

Vanessa opened up about his personal life and talked about rumors of an involvement with Dolabella datawith whom he has had a relationship in the past.

In an exclusive interview with TV Caras, the singer denied that she is getting involved with an ex-boyfriend and said that, at this moment, she has another focus in her life.

“I’m not going back to my ex-boyfriend. It’s my focus on my kids and my career.” she said in conversation.

The artist also commented on the separation from Marcus Buaiz, ​​with whom she had a relationship of 17 years.

“We much preferred that the separation be talked about by us before they started saying things that are not due. Even when we do it in the most respectful way in the world, people keep talking. So we made the decision to make it public because, obviously, , a new phase begins in my children’s lives, mine and Marcus’s. Then people would see it, they wouldn’t understand and keep talking a lot of nonsense. And that’s what we decided.”he said.

She continued: “I think our truth is inside the house. I have above me and I know that Marcus is also like that, above him, two beings who are very small and who are living a moment that is much more challenging for them. So two children in the middle of this process are our priorities and always will be. And our relationship will be eternal because of that”.

“It’s my private life, it won’t add to anyone’s life, unless it becomes gossip. What matters is that I’m fine, it’s a challenge, it’s all right. Marcus and I have a very respectful relationship, It was a story that worked, it was 17 years together, I am very grateful, we built a beautiful family and that is a family forever and that’s what matters. We’re going to have a new cycle, which is a challenge too, for everyone, it’s a place where we have to be very careful and really protect ourselves and stay with those who know us, with those we love”, he said.

Wanessa also commented on the paths with Zezé Di Camargo have crossed paths in music in the ‘Father & Daughter’ project.

“For me, he’ll always be bigger. I’m a daughter, for me he’ll always have a ‘wow’ place, it’s my father. and having gained a lot of experience, I mean in the technical part of the business, to understand how production works, how it works, vocally, I teach him some things I do. And he let me show him another place, opened up in a way, and I’m very happy when I hear him say: ‘I learn a lot today with Wanessa’. This makes me very proud, my intention was never to be bigger, but to have the security of knowing what I want in my life, and that’s what I bring to work too. I’m proud of where I’ve come professionally”he said.


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