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zodiac sign forecast from 03 to 09 april 2023

The Sun in Aries is conjunct Jupiter, which indicates vitality and courage to strive for ideals. However, excess energy can lead to conflicts, tensions and difficulties in respecting other people’s limits. Around the middle of the week, the Moon in Libra will oppose the Astro-King, affecting relationships and bringing instability.

Mercury in Taurus squares Pluto, suggesting an increase in intuition as well as the possibility of becoming more aware of repetitive thoughts. Venus in Taurus is conjunct Uranus. This demonstrates that transformations in relationships can be put to good use, as long as one is aware of and respects the freedom of others.

Mars in Cancer will move emotions and the search for emotional security. Furthermore, it suggests a tendency towards impulsive and rebellious attitudes motivated by unconscious pain. Remember that each person will feel these energies according to the way they interact with each individual’s Astral Map.


Your energy will continue to be high this week. However, there will be greater instability emotional, which will lead you to act in an exaggerated way, especially in your love life. Watch out for this trend and seek to find balance. Also, beware of some negotiations, as they could lead you to losses.

Bet on your intuition, as it will be an excellent guide these days. Finally, direct your attention and thoughts to what you want in your financial life. Avoid removing old pains that bring the feeling of loss and material insecurity.


Forecast of the week for the sign of Taurus (Image: Maxim Gaigul | Shutterstock)

You will live an introspective week. It will be necessary to protect your emotions, as some situations may affect your inner child. As the period will be one of self-knowledge, seek to deepen yourself, turning on an inner light. That way, you can consciously deal with the discomforts that come.

There will be greater ability to understand your patterns and abandon harmful behaviors that reinforce insecurity and fear of rejection. Finally, it will be a favorable phase for those who work with spiritual development.


Favorable week for group activities that contribute to the collective. You may be more aware of what inhabits your unconscious. Also, some fears and traumas from the past will surface to be re-signified. So, try to deal with this situation as best you can and avoid running away from the uncomfortable feelings.

In the financial sector, pay attention to impulsive spending that may arise to meet needs. Seek to direct your focus to what you really want. In the affective life, ruptures motivated by confusing situations may occur.


You will live a period of great vitality, which will favor the struggle for independence and affirmation of identity. Throughout these days, you will fight even harder for your dreams and you will have the chance to take a strong stand. However, all that energy could bring conflicts into your life, mainly because you don’t respect other people’s limits and act impulsively. Be careful with these questions and reflect on your actions.

In the professional sector, you will have the opportunity to receive the promotion or recognition you seek. Various types of aid and benefits may come your way. So enjoy this phase with conscience.


The will to travel and get out of the routine will be present. The moment will be favorable to start a new course or study, and your search for self knowledge will continue. However, despite the good energies, you can cling to the past and everything that seems comfortable and safe to you, generating fear and resistance.

In the professional sector, some changes will emerge. However, beware of tensions and attitudes that could harm you. Finally, you will have the chance to find an innovative and creative way to earn money.


Virgo sign illustration
Forecast of the week for the sign of Virgo (Image: Maxim Gaigul | Shutterstock)

You may be going through a significant period in your relationship with the dark side of your soul. Despite the discomforts, this will be necessary so that you can reframe pains and traumas that impact your way of being. So try to face obstacles with positivity and optimism. Also, try to protect your emotions, as they can fluctuate.

Take advantage of the days to work in a group, hang out with friends and choose fights that favor the collective. After all, you will have an extra dose of courage to fight for your interests and the interests of society.


After a phase of much dedication, you will achieve an achievement in affective life.However, pay attention to your emotions, as they may lead you to unbalanced actions motivated by needs and insecurities. In general, the period will be favorable to find a rare and special love.

At work, the moment will be propitious for new partnerships. You will also have a lot of energy to fight for the position you want and for other professional goals. Throughout this process, avoid getting into fights and try to control excess competitiveness.


The desire to venture down new paths will be on the rise. It will be a good time to travel, dedicate yourself to what brings you satisfaction, connect with yourself and fight for the realization of your dreams. However, there will be the possibility that the goals set will change midway.

In the affective life, transformations may occur that will open paths or put an end to bad situations. Your routine will continue to be busy, happy and fun. In addition, the days will be favorable for personal development. So make the most of these positive energies.


Busy days in the personal routine. You will need to organize yourself to deal with the new changes. You will be able to more clearly perceive your destructive thought patterns and your wrong way of expressing yourself. Try not to feed these anymore emotions and harmful attitudes, but also don’t ignore what brings you triggers.

Finally, this period will give you an extra dose of courage to deal with past pains and traumas. So, even if it bothers you, take advantage of the energy to break the patterns that pull you into suffering.


Capricorn sign illustration
Forecast of the week for the sign of Capricorn (Image: Maxim Gaigul | Shutterstock)

The will to relate, to conquer someone or even to bring news to the current relationship will be on the rise. However, you may act impulsively and arrogantly, wanting to impose your will on the other. Therefore, to avoid conflicts, try to control this tendency.

Some changes may affect your self-esteem. In the family environment, the period will be favorable for travel and lots of fun. However, despite the good energies, your emotions tend to fluctuate, being easily affected by family relationships.


Busy phase. Favorable days to travel, start new studies and get out of the routine. However, you may commit to more activities than you can actually accomplish. Be careful, as this can wear you down emotionally.

In the family environment, the week will be very busy. you will have more ease to communicate with your family members. Despite the good energies, some uncomfortable situations from the past may resurface. If this occurs, try to understand and reframe these discomforts.


Favorable week to reorganize the financial sector. There will be the possibility of earning extra money and finding safe ways to make your dreams come true. However, your emotions can make you doubt yourself, undermining your overall confidence.

Busy days in social life. You may come across new people and ideas. Also, your intuition will be at an all-time high. Just beware of the tendency to manipulation, both on your part and on the other’s part. Finally, the moment will be conducive to cultivating self-esteem and self-confidence.

By astrologer Thaís Mariano

Source: Maxima

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