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Kolya Serga explains why artists need to be released abroad

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The musician spoke about the importance of volunteer activities of Ukrainian performers abroad.

Musician Kolya Serga, who defends Ukraine as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, commented on the scandal that erupted around stand-up comedian Andriy Schegel, who previously announced that he had left Ukraine.

The comedian noted that he left the territory, easily found the country, having received permission to leave as an artist from the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy.

In this regard, Kolya Serga explains, using the example of the legendary composition Shchedryk, why it is important to free artists abroad during a full-scale war.

“Let’s see why it is not only possible, but necessary. And also decide who the cultural figures are. In 1919, during the offensive of the Red Army in Ukraine, a choir was created under the direction of Alexander Koshyts, whose mission is to raise the Ukrainian. European and American identity with the help of culture. Specially for these tours, Leontovich wrote the legendary Shchedryk. Choir performances won the hearts of European audiences and more and more found out what Ukraine is, fell in love with it and recognized it. At first, the choir was funded by the state, and then the meetings from the choir’s performances funded the army”, he said.

He also noticed that the performers were divided into two camps. The former is leading to raise the morale of the fighters, while the latter is operating abroad and collecting money to support the army.

“And it is impossible to say which of these places is the most important or which is unnecessary. Such an organized and disciplined culture as ours is an example for the whole world. Of course, the family is not without the Shchegelevs and Golubkov “It has nothing to do with in culture. They are poisoned parasites imitating cultural figures. The fact that they are now staying abroad is just a plus for Ukrainian culture. The main thing is not to send them back,” insisted Kolya Serga.

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Earlier it was reported that Kolya Serga admitted that he almost died three times in the front shooting.

Kolya Serga spoke about the mobilization in Ukraine

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