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Knowing yourself is one of the first steps towards having a balanced and healthy life. This is key to identifying any changes, whether in physical or emotional health. Thus, it is easier to understand the signs that the body gives, which facilitates early diagnosis and proper treatment.

attention to changes

Sometimes, the signs that something is not working well are subtle, so it is essential to analyze yourself. “We can be attentive to any and all changes in our body, especially changes in skin color and in the eyes, excessive fatigue, mood swings, pain”, warns Ana Beatriz Cintra, psychologist and author of the book Changing Your Story – Obesity Never Again.

Manifestations on the skin

The skin is often a great thermometer to help identify signs of an internal illness, such as hypothyroidism. “Before fatigue and weight gain, the skin and its appendages already express the disease. In this way, the first symptoms are hair loss, drier and more fragile skin and brittle nails”, explains dermatologist Dr. Meire Gonzaga.

Anemia is another disease that can also present some visible symptoms on the skin and in the hair. “The first symptoms are observed in the hair, which begins to fall out and in the skin and mucous membranes, which become paler”, explains the doctor.

Hair loss can be a sign of poor health (Image: Sklo Studio | Shutterstock)

Loss of hair

A hair loss it’s a natural process, but you have to pay attention if it becomes excessive. “Hair loss, particularly in women, can be caused by a variety of pathologies – hormonal, nutritional, inflammatory,” says Dr. Cristiane Braga, specialist in internal medicine, dermatology, aesthetic medicine and hair (tricology).

In addition, falling hairs can also be a sign of some emotional mismatch. “It could be an inflammatory manifestation of stress and/or one of the first symptoms of a phase of depression,” highlights the doctor. Therefore, according to her, when the wires fall more sharply, it is essential to seek a health professional.

look at your body

Therefore, it is essential to listen to your emotions, have healthy habits and observe your body daily. And if you notice any changes, it is essential to seek a doctor. “We must be aware of changes in our body. Many people are not in the habit of observing themselves and when we doctors ask if that sign or spot appeared a long time ago, many patients report that they had never observed it”, warns Dr. Meire Gonzaga.

The body usually speaks through signs. Therefore, it is essential to know and have healthy habits such as physical activity and balanced diet. It’s also important to take the time to take care of your mental health, after all, repressed emotions can turn into physical symptoms.

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