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Doctors condemn the “biological assessment cards” distributed by the network of laboratories.

Our patients deserve better…“. It is in these terms that the French Union of Free Medicine (UFML) pointed out the methods of the Synlab medical analysis laboratory, after the group distributed leaflets to offer in the form of small cards to extol the merits of these and other demonstrations. blood tests. In a press release, the union “condemns in the strongest possible terms the marketing of Synlab group biological scorecards available for purchase and over-the-counter (menopause, thyroid, fatigue, etc.)“. “a commercial drift that insidiously takes advantage of medical shortages” by UFML Syndicate, giving rise to “disdain for doctors who make their assessments after clinical examination in an appropriate, reasoned and responsible manner;“. Before launch.Our patients deserve better than over-the-counter evaluations, unreimbursed biologic tests performed without evaluating their interest.“.

Strong backlash to the marketing of these screenings, most of which are reimbursed by Social Security, subject to having a prescription and therefore seeing a doctor first, which also caused a reaction on Twitter). “So rest assured, the international company Synlab offers cards similar to Wonderbox, but for biological health assessment… Funding is taken to stratospheric levels“, attacks this first doctor. “You can no longer find a treating doctor. Synlab has thought of you and is releasing its Christmas gift cards. Thyroid Menopause… You’re spoiled for choice to put yourself under the tree with Ramsay’s subscription.– says another sarcastically. “Did you expect something else? Healthcare professionals are gradually losing their practice structure in favor of HEC. It is a reality. Everyone let it happen– replied one of the Internet users, implying that medical analysis laboratories were driven more by the desire to make numbers than to cure.

“Framework provided by law”.

From Synlab, a European leader in medical biologics services, this test of intent is unmistakable. This network of 400 medical analysis laboratories and the group’s subsidiary in France ensures that “this device has been around since 2018“. “Why is the union upset? To be honest, it’s hard to understand. We know we are acting within the law, nothing more, nothing less“, we continue internally. The group does indeed claim to be within its rights by doing only “facilitate access“Medical Analytics and Empowering More People”access to prevention“.

Moreover, he reminds that “the patient is free” and has “always have the right to see a doctor first if they prefer“. According to Synlab, this flyer distribution process is nothing more than “communication” like someone else. “There is no “gift card” for biological assessment. This merger by UFMLS is false. each evaluation is actually materialized with an “evaluation card” that simply needs to be submitted to the medical secretariat to designate the type of analysis desired. The card is then placed back on the screen. The patient does not accept it and cannot offer it under any circumstances“, the group continues.

We are talking about “health prevention information and access service and biologist consultation and instruction service provided by analysis laboratories within the framework provided by law;“, defends the group, which reminds that “Any patient who wants a biological test can request it from any laboratory and get it without a prescription“. In this context, the group affirms.operate entirely within the laboratory’s healthcare missions, facilitating access to prevention for any patient“claims the fact”.that access to prevention for all and expansion of access to screening systems is one of the priority directions of the Ministry of Health;“and carries the ambition”working hand in hand with the medical profession to enable as many people as possible to access prevention and reorientation at the start of the care pathway“.

Furthermore, the group’s medical director, Dr. Florian Scherer, would like to emphasize that “pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease prevention assessments make up the vast majority of assessments, more than 80%.“. However, according to him, “Saving time for further medical advice can be valuable for decision-making or slow down the chain of STI transmission, e.g.“. As proof, according to this doctor, “The over-the-counter HIV test, first in laboratories in Paris and Alpes-Maritimes, from 2018, until its generalization by public authorities throughout the territory, in January 2022, is a reminder of the need to know how to develop the patient’s journey when necessary. in certain cases“.

The UFML union reports that the National Council of the Order of Physicians is speaking “a fundamental problem with medicine excesses“, these “false good ideas we see flourishing everywhere“like”cable cars at stations“. “There we are dealing with offers in the form of postcards, which are very similar to gift cards (…) It is very similar to advertising. Now I have the weakness to believe it, but medicine is not a business,” testified Jean Canarelli, Orderly Counselor and Chair of the Biology Committee of the National Council of the Order of Physicians. According to him, one cannot enter the medical analysis laboratory as “we were going to the supermarket to buy a box of chocolates”. And to conclude.Of course, the patient can freely ask for a cardiovascular evaluation if, for example, he has doubts, but the results can falsely reassure him (…) And then the risk would be to miss the real diagnosis.“.

Source: Le Figaro

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