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Incurable, migraine? These new game-changing treatments

Incurable, migraine?  These new game-changing treatments

“Living Chronic pain, misunderstandings of friends and family, judgments of the work environment. Cancel parties and invitations at the last minute. Not to put up with a lot of noise and light, but to deal with it, because no environment is designed for us…” On “The Voice of Migraineurs” website, Marjolene talks about her daily life. Like 11 million French people, he suffers from migraines, the most common neurological disease.

“It is also the most debilitating disease in terms of ability and invisible chronic disability among the under-50s.”Professor Anne Ducros, a neurologist at the Montpellier University Hospital, emphasizes. “It ruins the lives of 20% of migraine sufferers. Not only during crises, but in between, they become so fearful of their occurrence that they develop avoidance behaviors that alter their quality of life.adds Dr. Michel Lanteri-Minette, a neurologist at the University Hospital of Nice.


Source: Le Figaro

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