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Mental health. how to identify suicide risk

Male suicide is terribly “effective”. “In France, men die by suicide three times more often than women. Fabrice Jolan, professor of psychiatry at the University of Paris-Saclay and the University Hospital Biquetre, recalls. On the other hand, the relationship is reversed when we look at experiments. Men often choose more lethal means (firearms, protection, hanging, etc.) than women, who tend to choose less intrusive and escapable means.

Excess male mortality by suicide is almost universal and affects all age groups. The health crisis has not affected much. Indeed, a report by the National Suicide Observatory for Human Rights published last September, which assessed the impact of the epidemic on mental health, revealed an increase in the number of suicide attempts in 2021, of course, but which mainly affects teenage girls and young women.

What are the basics of male acting? Higher levels of aggression and impulsivity are sometimes reported, as well as higher alcohol consumption, with 15% of men affected by daily alcohol consumption compared to only 6% of women in France (Insee 2019). “Alcohol not only affects mental health, domestic violence, unemployment and more, but is also a significant risk factor for suicide, helping to remove the brakes on the act.” emphasizes Fabrice Jolant. Less recourse to psychological help and psychiatric care will also be questioned. men consult almost twice as often as women.

“If men are underdiagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders, it is likely because they express their anxiety in other ways, particularly through aggressive or risky behavior or through alcohol and drug use. says Fabrice Jolant. However, mental health indicators have worsened since 2021.

If there are signs of depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, it’s important to talk about them. I feel that younger men are more comfortable with this idea and that mental illness is less of a taboo.” greets the psychiatrist. Following the example of celebrities such as Strome, Bruce Springsteen or swimming champion Michael Phelps, they will more easily offer their flaws.

“Care should be multimodal” he adds. Concerned about the deterioration of the mental health care system in a troubled context (war in Ukraine, inflation), he nevertheless welcomes the positive effects of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy in 2018 and the launch of a national toll-free number in 2021. “If you or a loved one is having suicidal thoughts, don’t hesitate to call 3114 for help.” he claims.

Source: Le Figaro

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