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How did the dialect spoken by the Minions come about?

How did the dialect spoken by the Minions come about?

The Minions have their own language, called “Minionese”. But how did it come about? Find out!

“Despicable Me 4” hit theaters last Thursday, the 4th, but since the first film in the franchise, released in 2010, all animation lovers have fallen in love with Gru’s little yellow helpers, the minions.

Being extremely charismatic and funny, the franchise claims that these beloved characters have inhabited the Earth for centuries, since the time of the dinosaurs, and that they also have their own language, known as “Minionese”. But how did it come about? And what does it mean?

The origin

The person responsible for developing the Minions’ language was one of the animation directors for the films “Despicable Me” and “Minions”, called Pierre Coffinwho is also the official voice actor for all 899 little yellow beings.

“I voiced one of the Minions so the sound designers could get an idea of ​​what we wanted, but Chris Meledandri (producer and CEO of Illumination studio) heard the audition and said, ‘You’re going to voice the Minions,'” Pierre revealed in a promotional video for the film.

Furthermore, the animator also explained that the language is a mix of English, Spanish, French, Italian and a little Japanese which, in order to be a little funnier, was developed with a voice accelerator effect.

However, according to Coffinsomething that sets Minionese apart from other famous languages ​​developed for major film productions, is that it has no grammatical rules, much less a complete dictionary. “If it were a language with many rules, we wouldn’t have the grace of the words that randomly jump out of their mouths. And that’s what makes it so universal,” said the professional.

Learning to speak Minionese

If you are also a fan of the Minions, then check out the meaning of some words in Minionese!

Bello: Hello!

Poopaye: Goodbye!

Tank yu: Thanks

Tulaliloo I love you: We love you

For you: For you

Me Want Banana: I am hungry

Gelato: Ice cream

Banananine: Ugly

Underwear: I swear

Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do: Fire!

Tatata Bala Tu: I hate you!

Baboi: Toy

Po Ka: What?

Hana: One

Dul: Two

Leave: Three

Chasy: Chair

Butt: Butt

The latest film with the beloved yellow creatures, “Despicable Me 4”, produced by Universal Pictures, is currently showing in Brazilian cinemas, following them on a new mission alongside Gru, who is now the father of the newborn child of his relationship with Lucy, the little boy Gru Jr., and will have to protect his family from an old acquaintance. Check out the trailer!

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