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“I wanted to redefine the ‘spotlight’ effect. John Nolet restores the majesty of the blonde.

John Nolet, Artistic Director of Carita.
Carita press office

Platinum, honey or ash, blonde is the prerogative of the stars. Declassified with Carita’s art director John Nollet, who revives her brilliance.

Many nameless brunettes have stood out in the seventh art by putting gold in their hair. In 1931, Jean Harlow in Blondes from platinum was born the cult color that got its nickname. In the 1940s, young Norma Jean Baker, struggling to make it big, had to bleach herself to become Marilyn Monroe. Since then and for a long time, from Marlene Dietrich to “blonde bombshells” like Jane Mansfield, without forgetting Hitchcockian muses like Grace Kelly, cinema can no longer do without them. The splendor of their hair captures the light of the screen like no other color.

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Golden helmets

“In black and white films, the subtlety of gray, golden or flower reflection was not perceptible. When the actresses entered the stage, their blonde captured all the light, and the audience had a vision of aura,” says John Nolet, Artistic Director of Carita Beauty House. Over time, 11 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré in Paris, opened in 1952, has seen the most famous heads of the golden parade: Brigitte Bardot, Jean Seberg, Mireille d’Arc, Simone Signoret and many others…

Actress Grace Kelly.
Press service

I wanted to redefine this “light” effect, especially during the Cannes Film Festival.

John Nolet, Artistic Director of Carita

“The story of the Carita sisters has a lot to do with this influence of blondes in cinema. I was drawn to the photos of actresses from the 1970s, who were leaving the institute with ultra-bright, monochrome blonde hair from root to tip, she continues. I wanted to redefine this “light” effect, especially during the Cannes Film Festival.”

Actress Mireille Dark.
Press service

Light halo

The maestro hairstylist has developed a method that creates the illusion of a halo on top of the head while also diffusing a halo of light around the face to outline the style. However, he warns. “You have to give yourself a whole day to make such a change. It’s the time it takes to become another woman. It is a real transformation, he claims. You must take the time to remove all pigments from the hair, following the rules of the art and respecting the quality of the fiber. The slower we go, the more we respect the bleaching process, and the more we can ensure that we get an extremely shiny result.”

To make such a change, you need to give yourself a whole day. It’s the time it takes to become another woman. It’s a real transformation

John Nolet, artistic director of Carita beauty house

Carita 2024 blonde.
Press department

To maintain its shine, the specialist recommends salon touch-ups every three to four weeks. Meanwhile, a purple shampoo with every wash and a nourishing hair mask once or twice a week are necessary. Star treatment is earned.

From brunettes to blondes, these stars gave in to the temptation

Source: Le Figaro

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