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Are the Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack from the same universe?

Understand the theory responsible for pointing out that Florzinha, Lindinha and Docinho share the same universe with Samurai Jack

Created by Craig McCrakenthe animation that appeared in 1998 under the title ‘The Powerpuff Girls‘ introduced Florzinha, Lindinha and Docinho to the small screen for the first time — and according to a theory circulating the web, it was responsible for inserting the universe that, years later, would be inhabited by a character from another cartoon: Samurai Jack.

Although ‘Samurai Jack’ was created by Genndy Tartakovsky In 2001, fans of both productions found similarities between them that fueled the idea that the two coexist in the same place, just at different times. Got confused? Recreio explains!

The similarities

The first point that caught the attention of internet theorists was the similarity between Professor Utônio and Samurai Jack himself, as both have light skin, dark hair, marked eyebrows and square jaws.

Samurai Jack and Professor Utônio / Credit: Reproduction/ Cartoon Network

Furthermore, the setting of the animations has very similar aspects, such as the same billboard saying “Talking Dogs Says”.

The same billboard in ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ and ‘Samurai Jack’ / Credit: Reproduction/ Cartoon Network

Or even, the city itself, since in Samurai Jack there is a silhouette of buildings that have a shape very similar to that of Townsville.

The city of Townsville / Credit: Reproduction/ Cartoon Network

The theory

With so many things in common, the theory arose that Professor Utônio was responsible for bringing Aku (the villain of Samurai Jack) to life, through the discovery of the already known Element X, a substance used in the creation of the Powerpuff Girls and the most illustrious villain. animation: Crazy Monkey.

Thus, Aku, who would have the ambition to dominate Earth, wanted to find the chance to reign without being stopped by an opponent, in addition to wanting to have control over Utonium’s genealogical line, a fact that would explain the similarity between Jack and the Professor.

In order for his plan to come to fruition, the villain goes back in time, since, in the past, his main adversaries did not yet exist, but he ends up coming face to face with the samurai, the only person capable of destroying him.

As a result, Aku sent him to the future, and manages to dominate the Earth, justifying why the Townsville seen in the animation appears to be so devastated, since, in this timeline, the trio of sisters with superpowers never existed.

What the creators say about the theory

Despite the references, appearances, and elements showing the similarities between the two universes, the creators of both animations deny that ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ and ‘Samurai Jack’ take place in the same environment.

The first to take a stand on the matter was Genndy Tarkovsky, who, without leaving room for new interpretations, said in a session on Reddit simply that “No”, the drawings do not belong in the same space. Beyond, Craig McCraken, denied all evidence. “It’s all a lie,” wrote the animator while responding to fans’ questions on Twitter.

Source: Recreio

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