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“25 years and several storms”. Cindy Crawford denies the longevity of her marriage.

Married since 1998, the 58-year-old supermodel and Rande Gerber are embarking on a new union, this time a professional one.

Cindy Crawford and Rand Gerber, who have been married for 25 years, have clearly deciphered the secrets of a lasting marriage. And then a happy marriage. In an interview published this Wednesday, May 8, the 58-year-old top model told People the reasons that, according to him, explain the longevity of his relationship. “First of all, Rande and I were friends first,” he explains. Sure, we had chemistry, but we were friends, and I think that’s a great foundation to build a marriage on, because even when you’re going through stressful times, the way you treat a good friend is with respect, understanding, and respect. compassion I feel like that’s what’s carried us through 25 years and a few storms.”

If the Omega muse does not elaborate on the mentioned storms, she tells more about the content of the arguments with her husband and gives advice on how to argue properly. “We don’t argue in an ugly way,” he said. I think sometimes people say things in the heat of the moment that are hard to take back later, and we don’t do that a lot. We try to argue about what the argument is really about and not to kill each other’s personality.”

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New chapter

These few details seem to make a difference, because after more than two decades together, Cindy Crawford and her husband seem far from tired of each other, on the contrary. As evidenced by their new project, the release of Casamigas Jalepeño tequila. A project led by the model in the wake of the Casamigos tequila brand, which her husband founded with George Clooney and Mike Meldman. “A whole new chapter” for the couple, according to the entrepreneur, while their children Presley, 24, and Kaya, 22, have now left the nest. “Obviously you still have to love yourself when that moment comes, but you also have to re-commit to what this new chapter will look like,” Crawford says. I think it can be very exciting, but it has to be a conscious effort. It would be really difficult if one wanted to play golf every day and the other wanted to travel the world. I think you have to keep having these conversations because the relationship evolves and evolves and changes.” When will Cindy Crawford train as a marriage counselor?

Source: Le Figaro

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