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Jeanne Drean, beauty editor, identifies, analyzes and deciphers new trends in beauty and lifestyle. She tested Lancôme’s SKIN SCIENCE CLUB with Madame Figaro readers. Shall we follow him?

Jeanne Drean –
Beauty Editor

When I arrived at the SKIN SCIENCE CLUB in Lancôme, it was 10 o’clock that morning, at the heart of 8 o’clock.e A district of Paris, the atmosphere is lively. No less than thirty enthusiastic readers with their +1s gathered in the warm space of white, purple and silver hues to discover the brand’s latest anti-aging innovation, Rénergie HCF Triple Sérum Yeux. Coffee, a sweet treat, and the event can begin.

It’s none other than Annie Black, Chief Scientific Officer of Lancôme International, who welcomes us to a one-of-a-kind masterclass. A cheerful scientist presents the latest achievements of his laboratories in bioengineering and regenerative sciences in a coherent and didactic tone.

Scientific Director Lancôme International

Their latest feat. An innovative triple serum formulation that manages to combine incompatible actives such as Hyaluronic Acid, a derivative of Vitamin C and Vitamin F, as well as a brand new anti-aging peptide, SNK-Peptide. Promising! “At Lancôme, science is not only declared, but also proven”, Annie Black announces, revealing clinical tests and before/after photos. And it’s impressive! Fine lines, lids, dark circles and bags. all eye contour issues are precisely addressed. It is important to know that the first signs of aging appear in this key part of the face. Readers during the Q&A Madame Figaro compete with expertise and compliance to learn more about the best preventative actions, thorough ingredient sourcing, or even environmental commitments and virtuous approaches from the lab to their skin. Transparency is present in this moment of enriching exchanges, which ends with good news. it’s never too late to implement your anti-aging strategy.

This master class piqued my curiosity. I sit down at the Lancôme Skincare Bar to learn more about the ingredients that make up this new eye treatment. Then we understand the considerable research work required to find the most pleasant texture in a high-performance formula that will suit all skin types, including sensitive. With our eyes wide open, we even discover the lab-restored skin samples that scientists work on to test the efficacy and safety of each formula.

The future of my skin starts now

Skin diagnosis time. I place my makeup-free face into a futuristic machine, the Lancôme Skin Screen, which measures the quality of my skin based on twelve different parameters based on dermatological evaluations. I walked away pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the measurements, ready to diligently follow the personalized care regimen that resulted. As a hyperactive 42-year-old mom in my daily life, I have to pay special attention to my eyes, which are showing progressive signs of fatigue. That’s good, a few meters away I’ll be able to try out a new treatment from the Rénergie range and, with a mirror in hand, discover the application techniques recommended by an esthetician.

Lancome Skin screen –

I tested the Lancôme Rénergie HCF Triple Eye Serum

I have been using Lancôme Rentreprises HCF Triple Sérum Yeux morning and night for three weeks now. Its pump bottle is as pleasing to look at as it is to use, delivering a generous dose to work across the eye area. The lightweight texture can be massaged in using gentle pressure and smoothing motions that exfoliate the area and allow all the advanced active ingredients combined in the formula to penetrate. Immediately, the look appears refreshed, brighter, less defined. Over the weeks, I notice a reduction in expression and dehydration lines, which tend to deepen lately. A tip I was given during SKIN SCIENCE CLUB: I always end up diligently buffing out my dark lines, noticeable from hours spent in front of the computer. Little by little, I see that it is decreasing, and that makes me happy. From you to me. my friend asked me if i have any “do something” with an aesthetic doctor. I didn’t answer, I smiled.

Lancôme Rénergie HCF Triple Eye Serum Directions and Application:

Source: Le Figaro

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