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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise, carbon copies on the streets of New York

On February 13, mother and daughter took a walk through the streets of the Great Apple. From a distance, they could be taken for sisters sharing clothes or two friends going out for coffee.

Suri Cruz appeared, since she was no taller than three apples, next to her mother on the streets of New York. As a child, he was considered the best-dressed child by magazines and tabloids. Today, she is a 17-year-old teenager who leads an almost normal life, between classes at a private school, studio classes where she sings for her mother’s films, and walks with her on the city streets. For their latest look, the duo looks more complicit than ever and looks a lot alike.

On February 13, Katie Holmes wore a casual look in straight-cut black pants, a red knit sweater, and a black leather bag. All were dressed in a denim jacket with a beige collar, a necklace and sunglasses. Suri Cruise chose more indie baggy jeans, a sheepskin coat and seven league boots that seemed to cover a lot more. Tom Cruise’s daughter regularly borrows clothes from her mother, so these pieces may belong to her. And if we’re just looking, we might believe they’re sisters, with Suri Cruise, who’s grown up a lot, and Katie Holmes, who doesn’t seem to age.

Listen ScandalsSuri Cruz. A childhood demonized by the media.

Source: Le Figaro

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