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How was BTS’s Jungkook discovered by BIGHIT Music?

Discover how BTS’s Jungkook’s path led him to be discovered by BIGHIT Music and debut as a member of the group

Jungkookfrom BTS, has an established career in the music industry, expanding his reach beyond the borders of his home country (South Korea) — a fact that led to him and his group mates receiving the Hwagwan award, an Order of Cultural Merit awarded by the South Korean government for improving the country’s position and helping to spread the country’s cultural influence around the world.

However, what some may not know is that becoming an idol was not part of his plans. Kookie (nickname given by the group’s fandom) when he was younger, since before being part of BTS he was a handball player, and as a child, he wanted to become a badminton player (a sport where they use rackets to hit a shuttlecock), as revealed through the Kprofiles portal.

Everything changed in the 1st year of high school, when he heard the songs of G-Dragon and his desires changed, as he wanted to become a professional singer. It was in this way that, at the age of 14, he participated in an audition for the program “Superstar K” in an attempt to become the next talent revealed by broadcaster Mnet.

Thus, in the test, carried out in his hometown, Busan, Jungkookappeared wearing a long-sleeved white shirt prepared to sing “Lost Child”, the soloist’s song, UI. He sings a few verses, and seconds later he is interrupted by someone from the recruiting team, who dismisses the idol. See it in full!

J.K. He did not participate in the 3rd season of the program as he wished, nor did he even progress to the other phases of the program. However, the audition was a decisive moment in the idol’s career, as it was after this performance that he was discovered by BIGHIT Music (then known as BIG HIT Entertainment).

This is because, on that occasion, several agencies were able to see a fraction of the idol’s talent, seeing potential in his career. So much so, that Jungkook he received proposals from 7 different companies, all with the intention of making the boy a trainee.

Among the entertainment agencies that demonstrated an interest in managing the career of J.K., there was JYP Entertainment, which at the time was part of the Big 3, that is, the three largest South Korean agencies, alongside SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. In addition to this, there was also FNC Entertainment and Starship Entertainment.

Even so, Jungkook He decided to have his career managed by Big Hit Entertainment, which at that time was a small company, as he knew that RM was a trainee at the agency.

Detail:RM He already had a wide reputation in the underground scene due to his skills as a rapper even before becoming the leader of BTS.

Therefore, Kookie began his trainee days, when he performed his first performances, as he was a stage dancer at GLAM during promotions for “Glamorous”, as well as Jo Kwonwith “I’m Da One”.

All this baggage allowed Jungkook debuted as a member of BTS on June 13, 2013, alongside Jimin, Jin, V, RM, J-Hope It is Sugawith the release of the mini-album “2 Cool 4 Skool”, and the promotion of the title song “No More Dream”.

Furthermore, two months after completing a decade of career, in August last year, the idol made his long-awaited solo debut with the release of the single “SEVEN”, which features American singer Latto — and the rest is history! How was BTS’s Jungkook discovered by BIGHIT Music?

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