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“I’m going to my room, you to yours.” when Cameron Diaz defends the benefits of “sleep divorce”;

Cameron Diaz, surrounded by her former co-stars during the ceremony to present Lucy Liu with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Hollywood, May 1, 2019). Getty Images:

In a recent podcast interview Lipstick on the edgeThe American actress, a fan of a separate bedroom, extols the benefits of a married night’s separation on her sleep.

The love we have for each other can sometimes be scratched by sleepless nights where our partner disturbs us with his unwanted gesticulations, snoring or even carelessly pulling the blanket. To avoid multiple marital disputes and to prioritize her personal comfort, 51-year-old Cameron Diaz made the radical choice to no longer sleep in the same room with her partner, guitarist Benji Madden. In the last episode of the podcast Lipstick on the edgededicated to the world of beauty and well-being of influential people and aired on Tuesday, December 19, the American actress praises this practice, also called: sleep divorce(French for “divorce of sleep”).

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Everyone has their own bed and everything is better

For Cameron Diaz, it all started with personal reflection, long before her marriage to the Good Charlotte musician in 2015. “My vision of things (as a couple) is: I have my house, you here. We have the family house in the middle. I am going to sleep in my room. You will sleep in your room. Everything is fine.”

According to the star The holiday, there will be no shame in saying loud and clear that you are not sleeping with your lover, on the contrary, and especially if he snores very loudly, as is the case with Benji Madden. “We need to normalize separate bedrooms,” he sums up.

The actress is far from the only one who says that she is convinced of “divorce with sleep”. Among Anglo-Saxons, the practice is increasingly popular, including among celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Helena Bonham Carter. In the United Kingdom, the proportion of “sleep divorced” has even doubled in ten years, from 7 to 15%, according to a study transmitted by the US. Telegraph: in June 2022

Release the pressure

To those who wonder about the loss of intimacy due to this unusual habit, Cameron Diaz wants to reassure. It’s been eight years since she and her husband adopted the separate bedroom concept, and they’re still just as complicit on every level, she assures. Avro Male-Karas, doctor of neurology and sexologist, confirmed this in the previous article. According to the expert, this separation of bodies creates a lack and therefore can leave more room for desire in the couple. “We’re no longer in the bed configuration of ‘I suggest and you manage.’ “It takes a lot of pressure off, especially for women,” she points out.

And to overcome the potential negative effects on sexual complicity, Cameron Diaz even offers a solution: adding a third room between two separate bedrooms so that each partner “can come together for our intimacy,” she suggests. But as idealistic as it is, this concept still remains a real estate luxury for ordinary people.

Source: Le Figaro

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