An interview

An interview Hungry games to give him some confidences.

“It’s incredible what makeup can do,” she said, before referring to the “re-contouring” technique, which gives the illusion of volume by drawing the outline of the mouth right on the main borderline. Then he continued. “Everyone is convinced that I had an eye operation.” He immediately denies rumors about blepharoplasty or canthopexy (eyelid lifting or eye lengthening procedures). “I have not undergone eye surgery. I’m putting on makeup.” According to him, this would also be an advantage that women would have over men in transforming their faces. “I feel sorry for men. They’re kind of stuck with what they’ve got,” he adds with humor.

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“Total Surgery”

This is not the only intervention that his critics accuse him of implementing. “Well, apparently, I’ve had complete plastic surgery,” he continues, laughing. However, according to the 30-year-old, the evolution of her face is simply the result of aging and gravity spread over ten years. “Since I started my career at 19, we’re comparing my before/after photos at 19 and 30. But as I grew up. My face lost its baby curves. It’s changed as I’ve gotten older. Everyone thought I had my nose done, but I have the exact same one. My cheeks thinned out. Thanks for the reminder,” he concludes.

Stars are revealed without makeup

Source: Le Figaro

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