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The Feel Good Madame Figaro experience, a look back at three days dedicated to beauty and well-being

We take you behind the scenes of the full editorial event Madame Figaro, At the Atelier Richelieu in Paris on November 16th, 17th and 18th.

On November 16, 17 and 18, the editorial office Madame Figaro organized its Feel Good event to provide its readers with a truly holistic experience. In the program. twenty-two partner brands have come together to create a break dedicated to well-being and beauty. L’Atelier Richelieu (in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris) was thus transformed into a spacious apartment, where every corner was reserved for discoveries, exchanges, but also its share of experiences with more than 80 activities on offer. And if the weather was gloomy, the positive vibes in this temple of health managed to warm hearts as well as restore minds and bodies. A look back at the highlights of this match.

Three cups

The event opened on Thursday the 16th with an inaugural evening. As editorial director Anne-Florence Schmitt explained: “The heart of beauty beats decisively in harmony with well-being. The star is now health in all its forms: physical, mental, spiritual. In this chaotic world full of uncertainties, we have the pause button for gentleness, for comfort, for understanding, for reconnecting with essentials. To find a room of your own to better charge the batteries, to better cope, to awaken the energy, the inner forces, to spread the antennae, the wings, to sharpen the sensitivity, to meet, to share, to understand, to enrich. someone else

Star, now it is health in all its forms: physical, mental, spiritual

Anne-Florence Schmitt, Editorial Director of Madame Figaro

And what better introduction to this positive bubble than the presentation of our Feel Good Award; three trophies awarded for this first edition to Caudalie for its Reensifying Cashmere Cream Resveratrol-Lift (Grand Prize), Noble Panacea for its Nourishing Lifting Oil, The Absolute (Mention). Special) and Foreo for its Luna 4 brush (Readers Award). Products that impressed our jury of experts and readers. Criteria: Efficiency of course. But also that little extra that makes a difference in our morals. And what drives our celebrities? mood putting good mood counters in good place for the day.

Feel Good Madame Figaro evening

Inspirational talks

The next morning, the doors were opened for the public (over 1,200 participants) to experience this unique experience. The focal point of the meetings, the stage saw experts from all backgrounds come together to address topics that animate our daily lives, but also our lives on a larger scale. So chef Thierry Marx and nutritionist Dr. Alexandra Dalou got the ball rolling, giving us simple and healthy tips to stay in shape. Naturalists Angel Ferro-Meigt and Oreli Canzoneri, in their turn, addressed the question of the connection between food and skin. Astrologer Sophie Ravier has deciphered what the planets have in store for us in 2024. And we talked about the importance of not neglecting our intimate well-being with Lauren Dorleac, founder of Climax.how. Model and founder of French Bloom, Constance Jablonski, shared her beauty and wellness routine, a staple of her life as an international model. Author Raffaele Giordano invited us to pick up a pen to benefit from the daily benefits of writing. Star facialist Sophie Carbonari lit up the stage with her infectious laugh while giving us her tips for awakening our glow. Esthetic doctor Antoni Kalmon, in turn, deciphered the current trends, while giving practical advice in terms of botox and injections.

Historian Elizabeth de Feydo has shown us that, despite appearances that limit them to the role of simple crafts, make-up and perfume are tools of women’s liberation. Perla Servan-Schreiber offered us her very positive vision of aging well when Susan Ubari introduced us to the Breathwork technique during an intense moment or how the breath can help us change. Finally, philosopher Fabrice Midall invited us to take a fresh look at our childhood fairy tales to realize that princesses are far more powerful and relevant than they seem. At the end of the negotiations, the participants were able to communicate with the speakers, continue the debate and sign the works discussed during these two days.

The first issue of Feel Good Madame Figaro with pictures

Interesting seminars

Among other activities on offer, many workshops were held during these two days to immerse participants in the essence of the topic. Discover, experiment, ask, apply… These were the goals of these practical moments in small groups in the heart of a bathroom, a laboratory or even a cafe. They were able to learn facial yoga with Foreo, myBlend and Noble Panacea, as well as the optimal method to optimize their beauty regime with Caudalie, Elizabeth Arden and Tata Harper. All with advanced facialist experience. Just as they were able to learn how to prepare a natural treatment with Aroma-Zone or choose their own perfume with Versace and Parfums de Marly. But also take care of their hair with Adrienne Coelho, La Bonne Brosse and Leonor Greyl.

Thanks to MAC and Néonail, makeup and manicure techniques are no longer a secret for those who choose these workshops. But in addition to beauty, there were also proposals for well-being in the program. from the role of food with Kate Busuttil of Dietitian Kate, as well as Palais des Thés teaming up with Petit Bambou for a meditative tasting… They also learned to live better. less thanks to Marie Carew and Feng Shui master Caroline Wattelet. And for those who wanted to relax, there are meditative sleeps, crystal baths, a sound journey, a magical morning or a yoga class combining yin and CBD. And to restore your energy, you can count on Dancefloor dances and Gym & Jump rope classes.

Exceptional treatment

Finally, many individual moments were offered. Cottage treatment with Algotherm, Elizabeth Arden, Charlotte Muller, as well as individual consultations on tarology and astrology. In addition to all these exclusive moments, other experiences were also offered during the event: a photo of her aura deciphered by Mayia Alleaume, an eye treatment with Pers, another one for hands with L’Occitane, a skin diagnosis by Caudalie and Algotherm with A scalp diagnosis with Leonor Greil, an LED session with myBlend, a beauty treatment with M.AC and L’Oréal Professionnel or even a virtual reality trip with Amaterra. All this while optimizing your glow with collagen drinks from Aime, which opened its cafe for a gourmet moment, the perfect complement to this well-being break.
Ultimately, these three days provided an opportunity to connect established brands as well as young newcomers to the cosmetics industry with a more curious, informed and sophisticated public. A moment rich in privileged exchanges and discoveries for a successful first edition.

Source: Le Figaro

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