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‘It’s Time to Talk About Gun Responsibility’ –

Actor Matthew McConaughey said the recent shooting in his hometown of Waldale, Texas was a signal that the U.S. needs to talk about “gun responsibility.”

In an article published Monday, Austin American statesman McConaughey wrote that he supports the rightResponsible and law -abiding Americans “carry guns, but insist that Americans” have a cultural obligation to take steps to stop the senseless killing of our children.

McConaughey, who is considering entering politics, said the ongoing debate on gun control has “brought about nothing but a status quo” and said “it’s time to talk about gun responsibility”.

He then explained the difference between “firearm control” and “firearm liability”.

“The first is the mandate, which may violate our rights; “The second is the duty that will stop him,” McConaughey wrote. “There is no constitutional barrier to gun liability. Removing guns for dangerous people is not only a responsible business, it is the best way to protect the Second Amendment. We can both. “

“McConaughey proposed a four-point plan for gun liability that he thinks he can do”Restoration of ownership of responsible firearms in our country ”, including a full inspection of firearm users, restrictions on the sale of assault rifles to persons over the age of 21 (excluding military service), red flag law and a national waiting period for assault rifles.

Although the actor admitted he had no illusions, his proposed policy would resolve all acts of gun violence, he said.“If responsible decisions can prevent some tragedy from affecting another company without ruining the second amendment, it’s worth it.”

You can Read the full post here. He posted similar feelings on Twitter a day after the school hunt in Uvald.

McConaughey’s proposals come at a time when Democratic lawmakers and a small group of Republicans are fighting for guns in response to a shooting in Wawald and Buffalo, New York, in response to another mass shooting.

The House is expected to adopt a gun control package soon, but it is unlikely to adopt a House where Republicans can easily draft bills they oppose. A bipartisan group of senators is working on a weapons safety agreement, but a plan is not yet finalized.

Source: Huffpost

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