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The mystery of the ‘Reaper’ seen at the full coronation at Westminster Abbey is finally solved

On May 6th, while the coronation ceremony of King Charles III was taking place, a mysterious figure, dressed in a black cloak and touching, walked through Westminster Abbey. Diana’s ghost? A hologram of Meghan Markle? The rumors sent the Internet into a frenzy.

While Charles III’s coronation took place on Saturday, May 6, under the watchful eye of the cameras. BBC: And Internet users, some are sure. The Grim Reaper was present among them, in the middle of Westminster Abbey. In a video posted on TikTok, a mysterious shadow can indeed be seen rushing through the building’s choir, apparently hooded and equipped as a traitor. “No, only I can’t see it, oh my God,” shouts some “stxabs”. Over 3 million views in 4 hours, 420,000 likes, 7,000 comments. the clip goes viral and the internet catches fire. Some wonder about the silhouette’s identity and recall the ominous omens of impending death associated with the Grim Reaper image inherited from the Middle Ages.

Cascade speculation

Twitter, in turn, is the place for all the speculation. “Is the Reaper in Westminster Abbey?” Or is Princess Diana looking for revenge,” shares the surfer, referring to the first wife of King Charles, of whom the latter preferred Camilla Parker Bowles. now queen.

For others, it is just a warning. “When you have a grim reaper inviting himself to a royal coronation, it won’t last long.” Another “twitto” goes further. “I think it’s Megan sneaking around…” If many like to mock, between irony and credulity, the tabloids also capture the news. “The Grim Reaper” appears in Westminster Abbey during the coronation,” British media wrote. Sunin a serious tone that could almost be disconcerting.

A rational explanation

And yet, at the risk of disappointing netizens and putting an end to vague theories, the silhouette captured is actually a beadle, a member of the abbey community. A lay worker takes care of the organization and smooth running of the office without being a member of the clergy. Westminster Abbey, perhaps embarrassed by the general excitement, finally shared these details with the American media. Newsweekwhen the ceremony is over.

Scandals, Lady Diana. the broken fate of the icon

Distribution of blessed bread, cleaning of the church… Beadle is somehow the “handiman” of the priest. hence, no doubt, the quick look of the one being filmed.

Source: Le Figaro

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