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Adolfo Chuiman and the time when he almost refused to be Peter in “There is a place at the bottom”: “I thought it was not for me”

In 2009, Adolfo Chuiman joined the television series Alfondo Sitio to give life to Peter Mackay, Maldini’s butler. | Font: America TV

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Almost 14 years ago, Adolfo Chuiman decided to become part of the cast of Alfondo Sitio. However, the one who gives life to Peter McKay, the butler of the Maldini family, did not always want to wear a Michi tie or vest. In fact, as he admitted this Wednesday, he initially turned down an offer made by Efrain Aguilar, the soap opera’s creator.

“I don’t like it at all [la idea de hacer de un mayordomo]. After so many years of racing, I realized that this is not for me. Yes, I told Efrain, but then I realized that an actor should do everything,” the actor said in a recent interview with the portal. information.

However, over time, the nature Adolfo Chuiman eventually became one of the cutest. “He is a passionate butler, and this makes him always stay close to his “madam”. He does his job with love to be near her. Many felt identified because it happens,” he said.

TV series actorThere’s a place down belowHe admitted that he “loved the character because of its power”. “I gave him affection and love,” he said. “I have always believed that if an actor has no power, he has no life. He hit a lot and I understood more when he was shot [en la segunda temporada], this was the historical ranking he achieved. It was interesting for me, as a person, to feel this love in social networks. But the more love, the more obligations. Here is the result,” he said.

‘There’s a Room in the Background’: Is Peter McKay No Longer on the Soap Opera?

Go from his house to the Pachacamac studio where it’s being recorded.”There’s a place down below”they passed the bill Adolfo Chuiman. “Honestly, when the sun goes down in Pachacamac… oh, Hail Mary, it’s almost two hours there and two hours back. But hey… chamba is chamba,” he said in the same interview.

The 76-year-old actor said it’s a “long journey” and a “new project” on the way forcing him to consider his succession to the TV series, which has been hosted by screenwriter Gigio Aranda since its ninth season released last year. . Although he still doesn’t know whether to leave the soap opera, he confirmed that he should discuss the possibility with a “staging”.

“I would have held on a little longer, just. The distance from Pachacamac lowered me a bit. I’m trying to get in touch with Gigio to talk about it,” he said.

As for the proposal that you have in the plans, Adolfo Chuiman revealed that it “would be for television”. “I study it well, which is great for me, because it has three main characters, it captures the context. I do analyze a lot because I have a theater career, I have directed 18 dramatic plays (…) It’s exhausting, but I was a boy at the time… And now, at my… nine years old, the horse gets tired”, – he said.

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