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Which refrigerator to choose for a large family

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Many look forward to Black Friday, because only here, the only day of the year, you can buy goods for half or even less than their usual cost.

The big Black Friday sale, which in 2022 in Ukraine falls from November 21 to November 28, is a great opportunity to save money for people who have been planning expensive big purchases for a long time. It includes a refrigerator for a large family. Having decided on the model in advance, you can monitor it with promotional offers of retail chains and online stores. It does not hurt to prepare a fallback option in case the selected product is not in the discount lists.

What is the best refrigerator for a large family

The main feature that a refrigerator should have for a family of at least four people is the capacity. It is worth considering options with a refrigerator volume of 300 liters or more. The more family members, the higher this indicator. The modern market provides a choice of models up to 970 liters.

The second most important criterion is the size of the kitchen. It is important that the refrigerator fits here. For a limited area and integration into a furniture set, consider the indicators of height, depth and width. The “growth” of the refrigerator can exceed 200 cm, width – 90 cm. The number and organization of shelves also affects the choice. It is important that there is enough space for everything, even for large pots.

The following types of refrigerators are the best solution for a large family:

  • side by side Popular American version. Appliance with two hinged doors, like a cabinet. The rooms are the same in height, but differ in width – the freezer is narrower.

  • French Door (“French door”). Differs in a horizontal arrangement of rooms. The freezer compartment is at the bottom, and the refrigerator is equipped with two hinged doors, as in the previous version. At one time, ice storage cabinets in France were almost identical.

  • Classic two bedroom. Spacious and easy to use, while taking up less space in the kitchen.

Popular brands and models

Manufacturers of volumetric refrigerators include well-known brands: Bosch, Liebherr, Hitachi, Siemens, Beko, Gorenje, LG. These names are a guarantee of quality and reliability. Among the models that won the love of consumers in 2022, the following stand out:

Bosch KGN39XI326. The classic two-room model is 203 cm high. The useful volume is 366 liters. The freezer is located below.

LG GC-Q247CABV. Stylish refrigerator with very spacious door shelves. Very wide – 91.2 cm Height – 177 cm Total usable volume – 626 liters.

Liebherr CBNes 6256. Premium refrigerator combination with horizontal freezer below. The refrigerating chamber is made in side-by-side style. The useful volume is 471 liters. Height – about 204 cm.

What to Consider When Shopping on Black Friday

In order not to miss the opportunity to buy a large refrigerator with an impressive discount, it is worth exploring the range of online stores that participate in Black Friday in advance. After choosing the model you like, pay attention to similar products. This information will increase the probability of finding a suitable option in promotional offers. Subscribing to the email newsletter will help you get the right list on time. Don’t miss the biggest sales of the year to save and buy your prized appliances.

What kind of refrigerator vibrati for the great motherland

Many are impatient to check Black Friday, even if only here, one day in a round, you can get goods for half, or even less than their big vartost.

The wonderful sale of Black Friday, which in 2022 in Ukraine falls from 21 to 28 leaf fall, is an opportunity to save for those who have long been planning an expensive big purchase. Such a refrigerator is new for the great motherland. After signing up for the model, you can check out the center of trade promotional offers and online stores. Chi is not zavazhaє pіdgotuvati і spare variant in vipadok, because the selected product will not appear in nizhkovih lists.

What kind of refrigerator for the great motherland is better

The main feature, which is exactly the fault of the refrigerator for sіm’ї at least nіzh s chotirioh osіb, is mystkіst. Varto see options with a cooling chamber volume of 300 liters. The more members of this family, the more guilty the showman. The current market offers a selection of models with a volume of up to 970 liters.

Another criterion for importance is the size of the kitchen. It is important that the refrigerator is in it. For furnished space and built-in furniture sets, be sure of height, depth and width indicators. “Zrostannya” of the refrigerator can be changed by 200 cm, width – 90 cm. It is important that the place is for everyone, for great pans.

The best solutions for numerical simulation are the following types of refrigerators:

• Side by side. Popular American version. Attachment with two doors, like a shafi. The rooms are the same height, but they are vertical in width – the freezer is bigger.
• French Doors (“French doors”). It is distinguished by the horizontal expansion of the rooms. The freezer is located below, and the refrigerator has two front doors, as in the front version.
• Classic two bedroom. Mistky and wise in vikoristan, from whom I borrowed less than a month in the kitchen.

Popular brands and models

Among the wide range of refrigerators are the following brands: Bosch, Liebherr, Hitachi, Siemens, Beko, Gorenje, LG. These names are themselves, in their own right, a guarantee of quality and reliability. Three models who won the love of supporters in 2022, see what’s coming:

• Bosch KGN39XI326. A classic two-room model with a height of 203 div. Korisny volume 366 l-The freezer compartment is hidden below.
• LG GC-Q247CABV. Stylish refrigerator with smart door guards. Auger width-91, 2 cm Height-177 cm.
• Liebherr CBNes 6256. Combination of a premium-class refrigerator with a lower horizontal freezer compartment. Vikonan refrigerating chamber in side-by-side style. Korisny volume to be 471 L. height-mayzhe 204 cm.

What to say about Black Friday shopping

So do not miss the opportunity to get a great refrigerator with a significant discount, varto zazdalegіd vychchit assortment of online stores, like taking part in Black Friday. Choosing a suitable model, respecting similar products. Tsya іnformatsija expand ymovіrnіst know the appropriate variant of the central stock propositions. Hourly otrimat vodpovidny list in addition to subscription to the electronic mailing list. Don’t miss the biggest sales of the year to save and buy custom gear.

The information provided in accordance with Article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and Art. 6 of the Law of Ukraine On National Minorities in Ukraine

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