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Before the pandemic, Peruvians spent more than S/11 billion on health.

62.9% of estimated health care costs are for those insured in the public sector. | Font: Andean

According to a study carried out General Directorate of Medicines, Materials and Drugs (Digemid).

These health care costs are in line with those not even covered by insurance, said Hernán Ramos, manager of the Association of Private Clinics of Peru (ACP).

“And in these two years of the pandemic spent pocket money has grown even more,” Ramos told the Gestión newspaper.

Ramos clarified on the basis of the report that a total of 62.9% of spending incurred in the said year was for the insured in the public sector.

At the same time, 7.5% of the total number of members Medical insurance private companies incurred additional costs.

In addition, those without any health insurance accounted for 24.2% of the total settlement cat.

From the users’ pockets, expenses related to consultations, medicines, hospitalizations, surgeries, tests, x-rays and tomography, dental, ophthalmological services, purchase of glasses, vaccines, pregnancy monitoring and childbirth, among other things, went.

Purchase medicines this corresponded to 39.5% of expenses, followed by dental services (16.1%) and hospitalization and/or surgery (7.5%).

Source: RPP

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