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Demand for electric cars in Ukraine has doubled in a month

Photo: volkswagen-id-4.infocar.ua

In April, Ukrainians bought more than 4.2 thousand electric cars. Mainly – in the region of Lviv and Kyiv.

In April, the Ukrainian car fleet was filled with more than 4,200 electric cars, which is twice as many as in April last year. This was reported by the press service Ukravtoprom on Thursday, May 16th.

The largest number of registrations of such vehicles was recorded by drivers in the Lviv region (595 units).

Other leaders include:

  • Kyiv – 514 units. (65% used);

  • Dnepropetrovsk region. – 337 units. (76% used);

  • Kyiv region. – 292 units. (72% used);

  • Vinnytsia region – 251 units (88% used).

In terms of new cars, the most popular electric car in all these markets is the Volkswagen ID.4.

In the segment of used cars imported from abroad:

  • Nissan Leaf – in the Lviv region and Vinnytsia region.

  • Tesla Model Y – in Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev regions.

  • Tesla Model 3 – in Kyiv.

We remind you that earlier pictures of the Kia EV3 electric crossover have appeared. This is a compact model. The top version can travel up to 500 km without recharging.

Geely made an electric car for $6,800
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