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Russia to supply India with warships that bypass sanctions – media

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India’s warship deliveries are two years late because of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

India will receive two warships from Russia in the coming months. This should happen despite Western sanctions against Moscow, writes Bloomberg.

“One ship is likely to be handed over to India in September, and the other early next year,” the publication notes.

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Ship deliveries are two years behind schedule because of the war in Ukraine. The two frigates are part of a four-ship deal India signed with Russia in 2018. Two other ships are being built in India in collaboration with Russia, but are also behind schedule due to supply chain problems.

Guided missile frigates with stealth capabilities must use Ukrainian-made gas turbines. Trade between Ukraine and Russia stopped in 2014, so India bought them through a third country.

It was noted that US sanctions against Russia have stopped arms supplies to India for more than a year. Countries have struggled to find a payment mechanism that does not violate international restrictions. Yes, India pays Russia for arms in rupees, but uses mixed currencies such as UAE dirhams and US dollars to pay for crude oil.

Despite buying more weapons from the US and France, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s program to manufacture military equipment in the country, Russia remains India’s largest supplier of military equipment.

Since the beginning of the Russian Federation’s full-scale war against Ukraine, India has declared its neutral position regarding the war. The country did not publicly condemn Russia’s aggression, but it did not support it.

According to media reports, India increased trade with the Russian Federation during the war, especially in the oil sector against the backdrop of Western sanctions against Moscow.

Let’s recall that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba warned India about “red lines” in the case of financing the Russian military machine.

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