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The dollar continues to rise in price at the exchange offices

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The average cash dollar selling rate increased to UAH 39.55, and the euro exchange rate increased to UAH 42.95.

The hryvnia exchange rate fell again against the dollar and euro on the cash market. It was reported by RBC-Ukraine in reference to tracking data on Wednesday, April 3.

Thus, the average selling rate of the dollar in Ukraine increased by another 5 kopecks, to 39.55 UAH, the euro exchange rate also increased by 5 kopecks, to 42.95 UAH.

Today, exchange offices buy dollars on average for 39.05 UAH, and euros for 42.25 UAH.

In the interbank market, the exchange rate of the American currency is still unchanged, compared to the previous day’s closing and is at the level of 39.32-39.34 UAH/dollar (buying and selling).

Let us remind you that yesterday the National Bank significantly increased the dollar to hryvnia exchange rate for the second day in a row – 39.3236 UAH (+0.2487 UAH). The euro exchange rate is 42.2768 UAH (+0.1384 UAH).

As you know, in March the dollar exchange rate increased by about 1 Hryvnia. The official rate of the NBU increased by 2.7%. This happened despite the fact that the foreign exchange deficit in the interbank market was not as significant at the end of 2023.

It was also reported that in March the National Bank increased sales of dollars by almost 20%.

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