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Transport visa-free: The European Commission proposes to tighten the requirements for Ukraine

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One of the proposals from the European Commission allows for the suspension of transport visa-free travel in certain regions.

The European Commission seeks to extend the road transport agreement with Ukraine, but there are updates. The EC press service reported this on Tuesday, March 5.

“The European Commission is taking into account the lessons learned from the implementation of the current transport agreement between the EU and Ukraine. Although the scope of the agreement will remain unchanged, the European Commission is proposing an update to facilitate implementing it and ensuring compliance through member states with the agreement,” the statement said.

In particular, the European Commission proposes:

  • introduce the mandatory availability of documents confirming that the transport operator is duly authorized to carry out international transport and that the transport is carried out in accordance with the agreement;

  • make it mandatory to have special documents proving that the operation without cargo is directly related to a transit or bilateral operation, as required by the agreement;

  • strengthen control over the compliance of motor carriers with obligations related to operations permitted by the agreement, the fight against fraud and forgery of driving documents, as well as offenses related to road safety : for this they can revoke their license;

  • add new disclaimer: If there is significant disruption to the national trucking market in a particular geographic region that can be attributed to the agreement, the agreement in that geographic region may be terminated.

Such innovations should facilitate the implementation of the agreement without compromising mutual benefits.

As you know, today Ukraine has a transport visa-free regime with 35 countries, including the countries of the European Union.

Ukraine proposed to the EU to extend the transport visa-free regime for one year without changes. Poland, Slovakia and Hungary have comments on this. The Baltic countries, Finland, Sweden, and France support the agreement.

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