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MO’s petition against the sale of agricultural lands received the necessary votes

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President Vladimir Zelensky has been called to initiate legislative changes and cancel the 100-fold increase in land sale limits.

A petition on the website of the President of Ukraine entitled “To protect the Ukrainian village – to postpone until the end of the war the increase in the maximum area of ​​agricultural land “on the one hand” from 100 to 10,000 hectares,” which is initiated by the public union All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council (VAC), received the required number of votes. It was found out on Friday, November 24.

The petition was registered on the website of the head of state on November 3 by the head of the Supreme Arbitration Court, Andrei Dikun. He called on President Vladimir Zelensky to initiate legislative changes and cancel the 100-fold increase in land sales limits. Within 20 days, the petition received more than 25 thousand votes. Now the president is obliged to respond to it.

“I really hope for a quick and meaningful response from Vladimir Zelensky to our petition, because all farmers are very worried about the question: “Who during the war in Ukraine will be able to buy 10 thousand hectares of land?” Who are these people. who does not know? “that, first of all, now should send money to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to help them regain our occupied land and defeat the enemy ?” said Andrey Dikun.

The author of the petition believes that medium and small businesses, which are the basis of the Ukrainian agricultural and village sector, cannot be participants in the land market.

“Increasing the limit of agricultural land that a person is allowed to buy, under the current conditions, will lead to the purchase of land at cheap prices by oligarchs and corrupt officials. Medium and small farmers have no funds to buy land. , and will not be able to attract loans, and, accordingly, will be cut off from the opportunity to buy the land they work on. Therefore, now it is very important to protect the farmers who give their last support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine , and not those who profit from corruption and war,” the text of the petition said.

We remind you that on July 1, 2021, the land market in Ukraine began to function. Until January 1, 2024, only individuals (citizens of Ukraine) have the right to sell and buy land with a limit of 100 hectares. And then legal entities can purchase agricultural land with a limit of up to 10 thousand hectares.

It was also reported that in two years in Ukraine, agreements were concluded on 275 thousand hectares of agricultural land – purchase and sale or donation.

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