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Ukrainian farmers will block the entry of Polish trucks

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Agricultural producers have prepared a mirror response to Polish farmers who, contrary to EU decisions, continue to block trucks from Ukraine.

The All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council and the Association of Milk Producers have announced that on Saturday, June 10, they will block the road for Polish trucks at the border in response to protests by Polish farmers. This was stated in the statement of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council.

It is known that the action will start on June 10 at 10.00 at the four international checkpoints and will last until 00.00 on June 14.

Thus, Ukrainian agricultural producers will block the movement of Polish trucks in front of the Dorogusk-Yagodyn checkpoint from Ukraine; in the town of Krakovets near the international checkpoint Krakovets-Korcheva; included here. Rata near the international checkpoint Rava-Russkaya; included here. Shegini near the international checkpoint Shegini-Medica, in the village. Starovoitovo, st. border guards 1.

“The holding of the event is due to the categorical disagreement of Ukrainian farmers with the actions of the Polish side, unilaterally, in violation of EU trade rules and the decision of the European Commission to continue the transit of agricultural products of Ukraine, continues to physically block trucks from Ukraine to Polish territory,” the statement said.

Ukrainian farmers also emphasize that in this position, Polish farmers are playing into Putin’s hands, because they want Ukrainian grain to stay only in Ukraine, while prices rise. And this is exactly what they want in the Russian Federation.

It will be remembered, on Friday it was reported that the Polish farmers once again blocked the movement of trucks on the Ukrainian border.

Ukraine sent a note to Poland in connection with blocking the border checkpoint

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