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MTPE: 50,000 people lost their jobs due to mudflows and rains

MTPE indicates that the Lurawi Peru program provides for the creation of 140,000 temporary jobs throughout the year. | Fountain: Andean

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Rains and landslides in Peru caused losses about 50,000 jobs, according to the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE).

“We are talking about 50,000 jobs for people, many of them self employed”said MTPE head Alfonso Adriansen.

Adrianzen commented that most of the victims are people who work informally, without employers, and that it is difficult for them to leave their homes because they have to take care of their families and now they have to rebuild their homes.

Faced with this situation, the Minister of Labor indicated that they will strive to create more than 9,000 temporary job under the program “Luravi Peru”.

The minister clarified that these jobs are formed through the municipalities to carry out the work.

“Lurawi Peru is the name of the program Job temporary, which was previously called Trabaja Perú and through which more than 32 million soles will be transferred to local authorities to create so many temporary jobs in 20 regions, only in the context of an emergency,” he added.

This employment program is expected to create 140,000 temporary jobs throughout the year, including street and sidewalk cleaning.

Owner PETM He noted that in the past few hours, the program has begun to have an impact on Ate, Chaclacayo, Lurigancho-Chosica, Santa Eulalia, and Oyon and Yauyos will also be included among the areas covered by this measure.

Source: RPP

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