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Kazakhstan announced the results of parliamentary elections

Image: Parliament of Kazakhstan

Nurlan Abdirov noted that six of the seven parties passed the 5% barrier during the election.

Six of the seven parties, including the largest Mandate (Covenant of the ancestors), passed the five percent barrier and was included in the Slim (lower house) of the Parliament of Kazakhstan following the results of the extraordinary election held on March 19. This was announced by the chairman of the Central Election Commission Nurlan Abdirov at a briefing on Monday, March 20.

He noted that:

  • Mandate won 53.9% of the vote,
  • People’s Party of Kazakhstan – 6.8%,
  • Democratic Party of Kazakhstan Ak zhol (Light Path) – 8.41%.

For the first time, will be included in the lower house of parliament People’s Democratic Patriotic Party Ouch (Village) with 10.9% of the votes, party Republicwhich got 6.59%, and the opposition National Social Democratic Party – 5.2% of the votes.

The Kazakhstan Green Party did not cross the electoral threshold split, which received 2.3%. In addition, the range “against all” was chosen by 3.9% of respondents.

Early elections to the lower house of parliament are organized according to a mixed system: 70% of representatives are elected on party lists, 30% – in single-mandate districts.

As we have already written, Kazakhstan closed its trade representation in Russia.

Germany is waiting for the first batch of oil from Kazakhstan instead of Russian

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