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Help your family: 8 world famous brands, where the homeland dynasty stands

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The fashion industry is at home with its motherly ties – from the downfall of a designer house to sister models.

Prada, Fendi and Hermès are like luxury brands of the highest eve, where generations of families stand. We lied in predicting brand fashion dynasties, which delighted the world of high fashion. You need to know, you don’t pretend to be a fashion expert.


As early as the 1970s, fashion designer Gianni Versace launched his one-name brand with his brother Santo and sister Donatella in Italy. The label’s popularity grew as the name of Janna’s smile rose and the air rose. The house of Versace is credited with the cob of car’er of Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Lindy Evangelist. After Gianni’s tragic death in 1997, Donatella’s role took over as CEO of the company. Today, he is the creative director, and his daughter Alegra is the main head of the company.


Mario Prada founded his eponymous brand in 1913 as a company for producing goods from the world. After his death in 1958, daughter Luisa took over, and then the company was transferred to his daughter, Muccia Prada, in 1978.

At the same time, she met her future man – Patrizio Bertelli, who was a business partner at the same time. Mіuchcha vіdpovidaє for the creation of clothes and accessories under the brand name of the brand, and Patrіzio took over the financial part of the business.

Under the brandy, Prada bought other brandies, such as Jil Sander, Helmut Lang and Azzedine Alaïa. Expanded into a human outfit and launched subsidiary label Miu Miu, where Miuccia is also creative director.


In 1927, Salvatore Ferragamo, a young chobotar, launched a brand in Florence, which brought respect to Hollywood stars Grety Garbo and Marilyn Monroe. After the death of his Wanda team, those six children took over the management of the family business, turning it into a smart fashion house. Completing the image of luxury represented by the label, Ferragamos also created a collection of Lungaro hotels in Italy. Today, the third generation of Ferragamo works under the same brand in different roles.

It’s no secret for anyone that Italy is known for its light not only in fashion trends, but also in the wine of high-quality winemaking. If you really want to move to this country, but until you have such an opportunity, it is enough to play with the Fiorelli brand. And for those who for some reason do not live on alcohol, they created Fragolino Bianco Zero Alcohol, where the wine has undergone a special dealcoholization process.

Why Fiorelli himself?

  • Fiorelli is one of the leading sellers of sparkling wine in Ukraine.

  • All brand players produce only in Italy from local grape varieties from the P’emont region.

  • Fiorelli – tse pojdnannya kostі, thinned design and privablivoї tsіni.

  • The brand has a wide range of delicious flavors. Navit non-alcohol іgriste is presented in two formats – in bottles and in jars, because you can carry it with your hand.


In 1925, a married couple, Eduardo and Adele Fendi, opened a small fur haberdashery shop in Rome. Five daughters Karla, Paola, Anna, Alda and Franca later rejected the company, as it became a well-known brand in the luxury market. Silvia Venturini Fendi, daughter of Annie, came to the brand in the 1990s at the same time as Karl Lagerfeld and immediately took the position of creative director of the company with accessories and men’s clothing.

Before the speech, which is in offensive vtorka, everyone will begin to drown in sensual tinsel, zukerkas, valentines – even on the horizon Day of the dead. A lot of couples can not do without a wonderful candle night. I, in the link with z tsim, posted a famous food: “How do you turn the 14th of the fierce?”. With Italian brand Fiorelli’s assortment of sparkling drinks, there’s something to suit your better half. Tse Brut Rose is a sparkling erysipelas brut with a low coral color, which exudes a light, refreshing taste with lime notes and erysipelas flowers. Enjoy your drink time while eating yoga with seafood and soft cheeses.

Representatives of the strong half of the population should pay respect to the classic Fiorelli Brut. Tse іgriste miraculous like an aperitif, in one hour you can eat light snacks and herbs from ribi.


Ottavio and Rosita Missoni launched their knitting linen in 1953, and five years later they presented the first collection of Italian luxury boudin. The Missoni brand, driven by its barwy zigzag-like visor, has existed for more than a generation. After Ottavio and Rosita moved elsewhere in the early 1990s, their children took over the management of their own businesses: Vittorio became the marketing director, Luka the menswear designer, and Angela the replaced the woman’s clothes. Donka Angeli Margherita arrives on the right, as if working on a line of accessories.


Hermès fashion is one of the richest and most powerful fashions in the world. The foundations were completed by the master of scale Thierry Ermes in the 19th century, the brand of luxury class has been spread for more than a hundred years. Tierri surrendered to yoga blue Emil-Charles Ermes, where they sent yoga blue Adolf and Emil-Morіs Ermes. In the middle of the 20th century, the fourth generation of the family came to power, and Robert Dumas, great-grandson of Emilya-Morіs, became the former creative director. The French boudinok changed to canon fashion under Jean-Louis Dumas, blue Robert, who presented the brand of clothes, which decorated the famous Birkin bag. Today, there are nearly a dozen drops in Hermès’ $49.2 billion stake, and cousins ​​P’er-Alexis and Axel Dumas are redefining the brand.


The founders of the brand are the brothers Din ta Den Keiteni. Vaughn studied at Parsons New York School of Design, was the creative director of the Ports 1961 brand, and trained with Gianni Versace.

The twins have a dekilka trying to create a good brand, but maybe everything ended in failure, around DSquared2. Tse buv 1994 rec. With the financial support of the Diesel Group, Keitheny began working on men’s clothing, and in 2003 they expanded the brand to a woman.

BCBG Max Azria Group

Founded in 1989 by the BCBG Max Azria Group company, it is the birthplace of one man: founder, designer and chief executive director Max Azria. Following many successes in the design of women’s clothes in Paris, as well as in Los Angeles, Azria created her own dream and recognized the design of the booth, dedicated to the modern woman, thus BCBGMAXAZRIA was born. The company’s name resembles the phrase “Bon chic, bon genre”, which translates into English as “Good style, good attitude”.

Two years later, I set up my future team Lyubov – a Ukrainian ballerina and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. At the same time, he is a certifier of the brand’s design team, the head marketer and merchandiser of all brands that enter the company’s warehouse.

In 2009, the daughter of Max and Lyubov, Joyce, came to the right of the family, she won for the BCBGeneration youth line.

Source: korrespondent

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