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AFP: A new withdrawal will be allowed from April, who will be able to do it?

Seven out of ten affiliates have taken over 80% of their pension fund in recent years. | Font: Andean

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This month, Congress approved a new law that would allow members Private pension system to receive the minimum old-age pension.

In doing so, workers will be able to set a savings goal during their contribution years, and once that is reached, the excess amount accumulated in their AFP account can be withdrawn.

This would mean additional release of pension resources.

This is the procedure to be followed

According to Jorge Espada, managing partner of Valoro Capital, this rule will lead to a possible outflow of funds from affiliates that already exceed the minimum pension, which should not be less than the basic consumption basket.

Espada clarified to the Gestión newspaper that members over 40 who have undergone salary over S/3000 over the years they have contributed and have contributed to the AFP for several years.

How much should I have in my fund?

According to the expert, the worker had to accumulate a fund of at least SGD 80,000, taking into account that the basic basket per person is about SGD 378 per month.

However, if a person preservation of SGD 150,000 into his pension fund and sets a minimum limit of SGD 80,000 for his pension, it is estimated that about SGD 70,000 can be withdrawn.

Where will my money go when it’s withdrawn?

This money withdrawn from the AFP fund will be transferred from your individual capitalization account to the non-retirement voluntary contribution account.

It is worth noting that the published law still has a period of 90 days for regulation by the executive, it is assumed that from April the above withdrawal will be possible branches.

Source: RPP

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