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Madre de Dios, Arequipa, Puno and Ica are on high alert due to lack of fuel

More than a hundred tankers were stranded. | Font: Andean

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The crisis due to lack of fuel caused by the blockade, where elections were scheduled earlier, has reached several regions in the south of the country, one of the most affected is Mother of Godwhere not CIS and petrol it went up to S/25 a gallon.

However, this is not the only agency affected by fuel shortages, assured Juan De Tomas, Regional Supervision Manager at the Energy and Mining Investment Supervision Agency (osinergmin) to the RPP Noticias Economy for All program.

Due to the blockade of roads, more than a hundred tankers that carry fuel have found themselves in a difficult situation. Although roads are open seasonally, progress has been slow.

“AT Arequipa To date, fuel supplies are running out, as 24 tankers have been paralyzed. South Pan Americanfor Madre de Dios there are 17 paralyzed cisterns… in Fist, no access due to blockade; however, access is temporarily allowed and supplies are low,” a spokesman warned.

Pucallpa is another region “in critical situation”. The city has 90 tanker trucks waiting to arrive at their destination, the spokesman explained.

Ika ran out of petrol and diesel

Ica is another troubled region as shortages are reported diesel and gasoline, according to the official, 21,892 gallons of LPG and 31,500 gallons of gasoline and diesel are waiting to enter Ica when the roads are unblocked.

In the case of Pisco and Chincha in the area Icamaintain a normal fuel supply as they are not affected by road blockades, the agency said.

Although the fuel supply at Ica had not suffered in previous days due to tankers entering the city along the Caroise highway, the blockade of this road in the early morning of 24 January ended with the closing of all possible entrances to the highway. the city of Ica, preventing the supply of bottling plants, gas distribution points, taps and gas centers.

Source: RPP

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