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Europe doubled its gas extraction from underground gas storage facilities in one day

Today, the level of gas reserves in European UGS facilities is the highest in the history of observations.

A slight drop in air temperature in European countries on Monday led to a sharp – two-fold increase in the removal of gas from underground storage facilities. This was confirmed by the data of the association Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) on Wednesday, January 18.

On the gas day of January 16, reserves have decreased significantly over the past 30 days – by 0.41% or 459 million cubic meters. m (the lowest figure since 2014), while the injection of them was 18 million cubic meters. m.

However, the warm weather in October, November and January, as well as conservation measures, led to the fact that at this moment the level of gas reserves in UGS facilities is the highest in the history of observations. This strengthens the confidence of the EU authorities in the safe passage of the winter.

Today UGS facilities in Europe are filled at 81.07% (19.5% higher than the average for this date in the last 5 years), they contain 87.78 billion cubic meters. m of gas.

Since the beginning of January, European LNG terminals have been operating at 63% capacity, compared to an average of 67% in December.

On the eve of gas prices in Europe fell below 600 dollars per thousand cubic meters. This is the lowest level since August 30, 2021.

Earlier it was reported that the head of the ruling regime of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was left without one of the main “trump cards” due to the warm winter in Europe. He lost his supposed leverage in the war against Ukraine.

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