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Iran: protests in Tehran over the execution of a detainee during mobilization

People gather outside the residence of an Iranian diplomat to denounce the Iranian government and the recent execution of a protester on December 10, 2022 in New York. | Font: AFP

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Dozens of people demonstrated silence this Saturday in the west of Tehran, where protests were also held at several universities against the first execution on the 8th of a detainee in mobilizations that have rocked Iran since mid-September.

According to an unverified video released by the activists, security forces present at the protest site attacked the protesters.

Also, students of universities in the capital and other cities Irantoday they held a strike day in protest.

AT Tehranat the all-women’s Alzahra University, students carried banners reading “No Execution”, and at the Faculty of Social Sciences, students displayed messages condemning the detention of university students.

According to videos posted on social media, students at Beheshti University showed their support with silent marches.

On the 8th the judiciary Iran passed the first death sentence on a 23-year-old prisoner named Mohsen Shekari, who was sentenced to the maximum term for stabbing a Basiji, an Islamic militant, and blocking a street in Tehran.

unrest since september

The riots began in mid-September after the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish girl who was arrested for allegedly wearing the Islamic hijab incorrectly, but they have evolved and now protesters are calling for the end of the Islamic Republic founded by Ayatollah Ruholah Khomeini in 1979. .

The judicial authorities Iran So far, 11 people have been sentenced to death for participating in mobilizations and an unknown number to prison terms.

Amnesty International said at least 28 of the 2,000 accused in the protests have been sentenced to death.

More than 400 people have died and at least 15,000 have been arrested in nearly three months of protests, according to NGOs. Iran Human rights in Oslo. (As reported by EFE)

UGC footage released Dec. 9 shows people in the city of Zahedan in the Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchistan protesting after Friday prayers, chanting “Death to the Basij” and “Death to the dictator.” Some fly Iranian flags, stripped of the coat of arms of the Islamic Republic. | Font: AFP


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