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Gaidai named the seven liberated villages

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Previously, the authorities could not give the names of the liberated settlements, because stabilization measures continued there.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated seven settlements in the Lugansk region. They have undergone stabilization measures. This was announced on Sunday, October 9, by the head of the Luhansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai.

He noted that the authorities could not announce the release of the settlements earlier, because stabilization measures continued there.

So, according to Gaidai, Grekovka was the first to be freed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Currently, all seven settlements are fully controlled by Ukraine.

The following villages were excluded from the settlement of the Krasnorechenskaya settlement of the Svatovsky district:

  • Novolyubovka;

  • Nevsky;

  • Grekovka;

In the rural community of Kolomiychi of the Svatovsky district:

  • Novogorovka;

  • hope;

  • Andreevka;

  • Stelmakhovka.

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It will be remembered that two days earlier, Gaidai said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated seven settlements of the Lugansk region, but he did not reveal their names for security reasons.

Sergey Gaidai also said that the Lugansk region is the most difficult region of Ukraine for de-occupation.

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