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The founder of Pink Floyd wrote an open letter to Putin

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Roger Waters urged Putin to end the war. Previously, the musician blamed the US and NATO for the invasion.

Pink Floyd musician and co-founder Roger Waters has written an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin urging him to end the war in Ukraine. He published his appeal on his Facebook page on Monday, September 26.

“I’m increasingly being asked to write to you too, so here it is. First, do you want the war to end? If you answer “Yes, please,” it will immediately facilitate the task,” Waters wrote. According to him, if Putin said that Russia “has no additional territorial interests, except for the security of the Russian-speaking population of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk,” it would help end the war.

“I know some people who think that you want to conquer all of Europe, starting with Poland and the other Baltic countries. If so, go to *** (to hell with. – Ed.). All of us can stop playing a very dangerous nuclear game that both sides of the Atlantic seem comfortable with. Just cut each other and the world off. The problem is, I have children and grandchildren. Like most of my brothers and sisters in world, none of us will like this outcome,” Waters wrote.

The musician added that in the event of a peace agreement with Ukraine, Russia must promise not to interfere anywhere else. “I know that the US and NATO attack other powerful countries in the blink of an eye or a few barrels of oil, but that doesn’t mean you should. , provoked or not,” he wrote.

Waters accused the US and NATO of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

In August, Waters blamed US President Joe Biden for starting the war in Ukraine, calling him a “war criminal” for “igniting the fire in Ukraine.” He also expressed the opinion that the war was largely due to Moscow’s reaction to NATO actions, which are close to Russia’s borders.

In September, the musician wrote two open letters to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife, Elena Zelenskaya, urging her to force her husband to “do the right thing” and negotiate with Russia.

Zelenskaya responded by reminding Waters that “Russia invaded Ukraine, destroying cities and killing people.”

“The people of Ukraine are protecting their country and the future of their children. If we refuse to fight, we will be gone tomorrow. If Russia refuses to fight, the war will end. You should ask for peace from the president of another country, ” Zelenskaya wrote.

Source: DW

On the eve it was reported that the concert of the founder of Pink Floyd was canceled in Poland. Poles demanded the cancellation of Roger Waters’ speech after he called on Ukraine to end the war by refusing to “give weapons from the United States.”

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